Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Another Update Coming Your Way!

Hello Luvs,
You CAN'T say 'NO' to
this face can you?!?!

Of course I jumped the gun regarding my new blog site. Trying to use wordress has been quite a challenge for me. Most of the people I know that you it are either tech savvy (which I am not!) or hired someone to help them. Since the first is changing every day the latter is just not in the budget. I am looking forward to not writing/typing that!
Food reviews? I got you!

So, I researched my options. The one site that kept coming up was Wix. I have used Wix previously for my children's album. Yes, the one that I have been neglecting. As it turns out another idea came to me and I am working with an illustrator to bring you it's goodness! To make sure that I don't jump the gun on this one I will hold off til I can make sure its is coming to you soon.
Contemporary goodies for sale!

I started to craft the new site and it is coming along. I should still have it ready to pop onto this Friday (May 12th). This site will be shut down on the 11th and the new one brought to you shortly after (within hours!). I am extremely excited because the site will be a one stop place for you to take part in all the projects I am offering. Below are just a few of the pages/options you will see.
Vintage goodness too!

-YouTube Vlog
-Vintage/Contemporary Items for Sale
-National Park Reviews
-Restaurant Reviews

Our journey together has been quite amazing thus far and my hope is that you will continue reading and watching just what goes through this fluttering mind. 

Will you join me @http://hpwtravel.wixsite.com/katsrvlifestyle

It's happening this Friday!
Join us....won't you?!?!

Til next time,


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