Monday, April 3, 2017

What Did We Experience at the Birthplace of Kurt Cobain?

Hello Luvs,

We could not come to this part of the country and not visit the birthplace of Kurt Cobain.....Aberdeen, WA. It was quite the experience being in a place that he slept, wrote music, and quite simply looked upon. It was both overwhelming and spirit lifting.

Knowing that he suffered so much before his death (and for a long time before) makes his loss such a tragedy yet a respite for him.

Through my photographs and videos I hope you feel as if you looked, stepped, and admired the place that he called home. Simply click the video link below to watch. I would love it if you then SUBSCRIBED to the channel. You would ensure that you never miss an update when I am unable to place something here.....because of the lack of wifi and/or time of course!

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