Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Constitutes a Life Change Is Different For Everyone

Hello Luvs,

As this family of six moves toward our next destination and hopefully a place where we feel both at home and connected I find myself evaluating just where and how our life changes have affected not only me but my family. There are the constant thoughts of...am I doing it right, failing myself or my kiddos, or should we keep trucking along. The answer has not been forthcoming, but I know it's there.

Taking the initial step of getting rid of our possessions was huge! However, from what I felt and witnessed it was freeing for the whole family. We were ready. Our unit felt the need to leave the situation that was pushing us down and mistreating us for an unknown. Wow! Just typing that reminds me of some of the feelings I had back then.

Nevermind the fact that when speaking to folks I know making such a drastic change was baffling. It was something many would never do. They would never venture toward something that had not been researched within an inch of it's life let alone get rid of the things which provide the literal walls of their cocoon. They are anchored and any shift puts them adrift.

So when really thinking about it...for each person even the tiniest shift is a life change for each of them. In the eyes of another it might not seem large and appear insignificant. They don't really need to do what we did to feel the sting of uncharted waters.

For us what was needed was a much bigger step. A decision that sometimes places a small ping of doubt which vanishes when Jalen and Myles share something that for most kids wouldn't happen til adulthood. A passion lit and expressed with full emphasis. In the end...they are the reason that we needed to make our change. For others the inspiration might be similar or the polar opposite. We decide in our own hearts what we need to do in regard to feeling fulfilled, safe, productive, emboldened, and most of all HAPPY.
Below is an update video of the small change we made for making our coffee. It saves not only gas from generator usage, but it makes for an easy yet delicious cup of joe. Check it out!
Melitta Pour Over Coffee
Maker-$4.99 at Goodwill

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  1. Kat, Don't doubt yourself! You and your family are living and rich, full and extraordinary life! Most people never get the chance to hit the road and explore the world. Your children are traveling, learning and growing in a unique and wonderful way. Go forth, travel and don't look back!

    1. Thanks Kathleen for you words of encouragement. Doing the right thing by my kids makes me re-examine things constantly. Not sure if it is a good or bad thing. You are such a steadfast cheerleader and supportive. I appreciate you!