Friday, April 14, 2017

Vancouver, WA. Main Library Visit

Hello Luvs,

If you've followed the blog you know that we survive on library visits. Whenever we flutter we find at least one to use for roadschooling the kids. This was started last August and we have been lucky to find some truly amazing locations.
Isn't this just beautiful!

The Vancouver, WA. Main Library was no exception. Not only did they have a great book selection, but the building itself was a masterpiece. There was a lovely mixture of wood, metal, and cement. There was also an feature where words popped off the wall when you first enter.

There are five floors so we had no trouble finding a spot to sit. On our second visit we actually sat in one of their study pod. It has two separate pieces of curved glass which seem to help the sound remain enclosed. How does it work? Not sure, but it did.

On our way out I witnessed something disturbing. To find out what just click the link below. Afterward I would love to hear how you would have handled the situation.

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