Sunday, April 23, 2017

How Would You Like to Experience Newport, Oregon?

Hello Luvs,

We are still trying to decide where to make our home base. We do like Nevada and plan on being there for a good chunk of the winter. However, being closer to the beach has always appealed to us. After visiting Canada we aren't sure that spending a large part of the year would work. We still adore it, however insurance (or the possibility of losing it) is always on our mind.
K. Haring inspired?

Because of this Josh once again put on his researcher hat and came across the Newport, Oregon area. Since we are still open we decided to check it out. We're still a long way from deciding, but I thought I would vlog about our experience while here.

Of course we fell immediately in awe of the fact that the beach (Nye Beach in Lincoln County) is not only gorgeous, but incredibly clean and well maintained. Even the public restroom can tout that.
Eartha fits right in.

Oh, my....the clouds!

So, take a seat and take a gander at the vlog below. Simply click on the link!

Til next time,



  1. The area looks beautiful! It's got woods, wetlands and beaches....are y'all okay with all the rain??

  2.! We have definitely held off for that reason.