Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Breathing Out for Relief....

Dreaming of far off lands....
Hello Luvs,

Time for my laundry day poetry share. Today's is brought about by the pain that has been constant for the last few days. Typically it is not a constant but rather pops up, leaves, then comes back again. Unfortunately, it has decided to keep me company. Because of this I am trying to vanquish it with words and mindfulness since medication is currently not working. I hope you enjoy it.

Til next time,


Breathing Out For Relief.....

Though my instinct is to breathe in

My actions seem the polar opposite

Always breathing out for relief

That refuses to come to me

Even if I curse the day

You came into my orbit

Anchored and pulsing you remain

My friend who lives below the skin

With a pride so vain

Medicated but not sedated

Within a bubble you stay

Just under the surface

Poking your head out each day

I would love to call a truce

If that would please you

                                        ~Kat L. Wilson, 2017

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