Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Breathing Out for Relief....

Dreaming of far off lands....
Hello Luvs,

Time for my laundry day poetry share. Today's is brought about by the pain that has been constant for the last few days. Typically it is not a constant but rather pops up, leaves, then comes back again. Unfortunately, it has decided to keep me company. Because of this I am trying to vanquish it with words and mindfulness since medication is currently not working. I hope you enjoy it.

Til next time,


Breathing Out For Relief.....

Though my instinct is to breathe in

My actions seem the polar opposite

Always breathing out for relief

That refuses to come to me

Even if I curse the day

You came into my orbit

Anchored and pulsing you remain

My friend who lives below the skin

With a pride so vain

Medicated but not sedated

Within a bubble you stay

Just under the surface

Poking your head out each day

I would love to call a truce

If that would please you

                                        ~Kat L. Wilson, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

How Would You Like to Experience Newport, Oregon?

Hello Luvs,

We are still trying to decide where to make our home base. We do like Nevada and plan on being there for a good chunk of the winter. However, being closer to the beach has always appealed to us. After visiting Canada we aren't sure that spending a large part of the year would work. We still adore it, however insurance (or the possibility of losing it) is always on our mind.
K. Haring inspired?

Because of this Josh once again put on his researcher hat and came across the Newport, Oregon area. Since we are still open we decided to check it out. We're still a long way from deciding, but I thought I would vlog about our experience while here.

Of course we fell immediately in awe of the fact that the beach (Nye Beach in Lincoln County) is not only gorgeous, but incredibly clean and well maintained. Even the public restroom can tout that.
Eartha fits right in.

Oh, my....the clouds!

So, take a seat and take a gander at the vlog below. Simply click on the link!

Til next time,


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hillsboro, OR Main Public Library

Hello Luvs,

Today's YouTube blog/vlog is mostly about the amazement we felt while visiting the Hillsboro, OR Main Library for the third time. We took a few walks during the day, and just before lunch we got to see geese in action.

It was a major occurrence that I will hold close to my heart. Hopefully it will be the same for Jalen and Myles. Still wondering why others did not pay much attention.

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Mama and her ducklings....!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Give It Notice....

Hello Luvs,

Happy laundry day! With it comes another poem inspired by this moment in this life of mine. Enjoy.....
Doesn't this inspire you to DO SOMETHING?!?!
Til next time,


Give It Notice

No longer set adrift

Instead focused ahead

The remainder of doubt erased

Longing for the changes

Most remember well before

They were determined to give it notice

Don't you see your mind is blank

Deep breathes taken to calm it

                                              ~Kat L. Wilson, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Constitutes a Life Change Is Different For Everyone

Hello Luvs,

As this family of six moves toward our next destination and hopefully a place where we feel both at home and connected I find myself evaluating just where and how our life changes have affected not only me but my family. There are the constant thoughts I doing it right, failing myself or my kiddos, or should we keep trucking along. The answer has not been forthcoming, but I know it's there.

Taking the initial step of getting rid of our possessions was huge! However, from what I felt and witnessed it was freeing for the whole family. We were ready. Our unit felt the need to leave the situation that was pushing us down and mistreating us for an unknown. Wow! Just typing that reminds me of some of the feelings I had back then.

Nevermind the fact that when speaking to folks I know making such a drastic change was baffling. It was something many would never do. They would never venture toward something that had not been researched within an inch of it's life let alone get rid of the things which provide the literal walls of their cocoon. They are anchored and any shift puts them adrift.

So when really thinking about it...for each person even the tiniest shift is a life change for each of them. In the eyes of another it might not seem large and appear insignificant. They don't really need to do what we did to feel the sting of uncharted waters.

For us what was needed was a much bigger step. A decision that sometimes places a small ping of doubt which vanishes when Jalen and Myles share something that for most kids wouldn't happen til adulthood. A passion lit and expressed with full emphasis. In the end...they are the reason that we needed to make our change. For others the inspiration might be similar or the polar opposite. We decide in our own hearts what we need to do in regard to feeling fulfilled, safe, productive, emboldened, and most of all HAPPY.
Below is an update video of the small change we made for making our coffee. It saves not only gas from generator usage, but it makes for an easy yet delicious cup of joe. Check it out!
Melitta Pour Over Coffee
Maker-$4.99 at Goodwill

Til next time,


Sunday, April 16, 2017


Hello Luvs,

The journey we are on has shown me many things. One of the most important is living in the person I am, yet at the same time having the aim of becoming a better me. The change that can be made within.
Behind the parasol?
Simply me....

Take a gander of my last YouTube video that shows how my shell has changed, yet the words that accompany them express that I live with the goal of both you and me being OUR BEST SELVES that embraces everything we offer from our true hearts. I hope you enjoy the poetry...and please remember to subscribe to my channel.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Vancouver, WA. Main Library Visit

Hello Luvs,

If you've followed the blog you know that we survive on library visits. Whenever we flutter we find at least one to use for roadschooling the kids. This was started last August and we have been lucky to find some truly amazing locations.
Isn't this just beautiful!

The Vancouver, WA. Main Library was no exception. Not only did they have a great book selection, but the building itself was a masterpiece. There was a lovely mixture of wood, metal, and cement. There was also an feature where words popped off the wall when you first enter.

There are five floors so we had no trouble finding a spot to sit. On our second visit we actually sat in one of their study pod. It has two separate pieces of curved glass which seem to help the sound remain enclosed. How does it work? Not sure, but it did.

On our way out I witnessed something disturbing. To find out what just click the link below. Afterward I would love to hear how you would have handled the situation.

Til next time,


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Quick Jaunt Up to Portland....and YES There Was Food!

Beautiful view from our drive home.
Hello Luvs,

Found myself selling some things again in the city. When there we had other option than to visit the food truck area. Maybe next time I won't devour my food BEFORE taking a picture.

This family is learning to really love Portland. Let's see what other ruckus we can get ourselves into! Until then, please check out the vlog from the visit. Simply click the link below.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Can't Find a Rug You Want? Make Your Own!

Finished project...YAY!
Hello Luvs,

So, I have been on a hunt for a new rug for the entryway on Eartha. Pippie had REALLY done a number on our previous ones. Through my search I found ones that were either too narrow or too big.

Instead of ordering one online and paying way too much I decided to make my own. Below is the process.

I picked up the following and put it together with a loop stitch.

-four from Walmart (just over two dollars each)

-matching fabric thread

-needle for sewing (curved would have made the job easier!)



Now....go ahead and check out the vlog! Simply click the link below.

Til next time,


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Are ALL Buy, Sell, and Trade Businesses Interchangeable?

Hello Luvs,

All thrifted and all me.
So, being in a new area and in need to thin out Eartha even more my go to option is to take them to a buy, sell, or trade business (before even thinking of donating them). Out of the all the options I tend to flutter to two specific ones. I thought I would share a little about them and what I've taken away from my recent experiences in the Portland area. All in all it has been positive. To make sure that you walk away feeling satisfied versus deflated you should read on.

One of the companies is Crossroads Trading Co. I used to work for them on and off for several years. Because my best friend worked (still does) there and the environment seemed more my speed I left a job that paid almost 3x's more to work there. The times spent in Northern California working at CTC were great. I fell in love with sushi and honed my vintage knowledge skills along with high end mastery. Wait, I digress....I am no longer there and this is a completely different topic. Thus far I have been to two locations with one I took in some things to and the other I scoped out to see what they are looking for. The reason why I have not been back even though I know that there are items they would buy (after taking a walk around) is because of my experience at the first. Because I was new to the area I admit that I didn't have my brands dialed in. That was part of the problem. I say part of the problem because it isn't/wasn't the reason why I will hold off on bringing things in to that specific location. With my years of experience I know the way a seller should be treated and the relaxed nature there needs to be to put the seller at ease. If the person who is buying from you seems uncomfortable, distant, and robotic it just doesn't feel right. Others might not have the same impression, and knowing the business model I give benefit of the doubt at the very start. How it goes from there is the question. Being given a rehearsed statement at the end of everything isn't the greatest end. Yes, they did buy a few things. I'll give them that, but some of the reasoning was not appropriate (age and condition) when I saw items just like them in the store in abundance. If.....I say if I was told that they found they aren't selling or have too much then ok. Anything else just doesn't work. In the end they seem to have shifted to more of a boutique resale store. I'm sure their shift (wasn't always that way) has been successful for them or they wouldn't venture there. Will I sell at their other location? Maybe....if I do I will post an update.
One of the recent goodies sold.

So, what is the key to selling at Crossroads? I would do the following in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

-If you are able to, go in and look at what they have in stock. You can visit their website to check the season they're buying for along with the brands they DO NOT BUY.
-Since each location might lean toward different items (contemporary versus vintage or long handles versus short on bags) to fit a slightly different customer. They will however let you know which labels do best for them.
- Make sure your items are clean and have all their moving parts.
-Bring in items that are within the last 2 or so years and season appropriate. Folks that are keen on wearing what is happening at the moment will do well. Fortunately, if you bought them recently and they don't fit and you can't return them while still fitting the guidelines you are in luck.

*For more information simply click the link:
Recently while in Northern CA.
ran into the lovely Melissa-
a previous CTC co-worker.

Now onto the other company I have frequented more while in the area.....Buffalo Exchange. When working for Crossroads I thought that Buffalo was not the beast for me. I had a wonky perception of just what they were. Josh always showed a preference for shopping there for his needs. Over the years my perception about B.E. has changed. Maybe it has more to do with me versus them, but I have found that they fall more toward everyone who loves the buy/sell/trade industry in addition to a quirky (for me...ALL OVER THE PLACE!) sense of style. I'm not saying that CTC or others are not great places to go. I am saying that for what I buy and later try to sell B.E. really fits me. Not only because of my love of an awesome rock tee, vintage wallet, or kicka** boots, but for the willingness to try untested items because of their gut. Yep, they follow trends just like others, but their variety of trends sets them apart from others. Not just Stephanie and Rick but for Skylar and yes....Kat. I have tried both locations in the Portland area and they buy slightly different things, however the complete experience leaves you feeling like they are about the experience. It pains me a bit to admit it, but it is how I really feel. When in this area I will frequent their locations. I know that they are not perfect (did not sell a bag there because the price was too low for it in comparison to what it retailed-better fit for Crossroads or Ebay) but they do their best to offer you the best price. Add to that the buy by mail, buying vintage (most locations that I've visited), and the Earth Day Sale (items for $1-this year it is on the 22nd) and you are in resale heaven! Oh, and I found my new FAVORITE bag there! Hello...!
Boots from store in N.C. that I
traded with.

So, what are the tricks for selling at Buffalo?

-The same list as above. But, you can take in vintage items to them. As long as they are clean and without holes., and with all their moving parts...that will never change for either. 

*For more information simply click the link:
Will my Weezer shirt go to B.E. soon?

I have visited strictly vintage buying businesses in the area but only once. I feel it would not be enough to get a feel for their practices. When I have more visits I will let you know my thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts....would LOVE to know yours. Leave a comment below and let me know what YOU think.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Review of the Silver Reef Hotel Casino and Spa!

Hello Luvs,

Happy Sunday! Thought I would share a quick vlog about what we thought of the Silver Reef Hotel Casino and Spa that we boondocked for three nights. Because we were considering Bellingham, WA. for our new locale we thought staying near would work out the best. The Hotel is only about ten minutes away being located in Ferndale, WA.
A little cutie the kids found while
walking the dogs.

Take a gander at the YouTube vlog below.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Oh Yeah....Vancouver FINALLY!

Hello Luvs,

Yay! I finally get the chance to share my Vancouver trip with you. The weather kept changing so we did a lot of driving and managed to walk down to the eatery where we had Asian cuisine.

We are hoping to travel there again sometime in the near future. When we do I will be sure to get more pictures and hopefully some museum time.

Until then, please check out the vlog from our April 1st trip.

Til next time,


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My First Birthday in Eartha!

I sooo love the moss covered trees!
Hello Luvs,

As time passes they have been some great places and special occasions. This one just happened to be my birthday. The video gives a peek into just some of the fun we had. Enjoy!

Just click the link to watch the video!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Did All Go Swimmingly in Seattle, WA.?

Hello Luvs,

Our Seattle trip started with joy and excitement. During the day we saw wonderful art, a gum filled alleyway, and ate food that will leave a lasting impression on all of us. Unfortunately, the day did not end on the same note.
Got to witness some fish throwin'!
Happy Eaters!

To find out more just click the link below.

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Art all around.....

Have Parasol Will Travel @
Gotta stop and smell the flowers!

Fremont Troll

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Monday, April 3, 2017

What Did We Experience at the Birthplace of Kurt Cobain?

Hello Luvs,

We could not come to this part of the country and not visit the birthplace of Kurt Cobain.....Aberdeen, WA. It was quite the experience being in a place that he slept, wrote music, and quite simply looked upon. It was both overwhelming and spirit lifting.

Knowing that he suffered so much before his death (and for a long time before) makes his loss such a tragedy yet a respite for him.

Through my photographs and videos I hope you feel as if you looked, stepped, and admired the place that he called home. Simply click the video link below to watch. I would love it if you then SUBSCRIBED to the channel. You would ensure that you never miss an update when I am unable to place something here.....because of the lack of wifi and/or time of course!