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Where Is YOUR Warrior Level Strength?

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One thing I have been stewing on a lot is the proposed budget. Haven't really written any political posts lately, but hearing about what is being offered up as a budget versus what it really is (an attempt to rid of of anything good and instead program us like robots-taking the presidents and his minions word as gospel). Just thinking of it makes the back of my eyes have piercing throbs just thinking about it.

As an artist/musician/writer I know not only what access to the arts in school and the ability to turn on public radio listening (and getting lost) to classical music have affected the person I am today. The idea of turning on the radio and hearing either silence or programming that is different (administration approved) scares me. This family sits together and listens to the short stories broadcasted during the evening. Some are heartbreaking while others make us laugh out loud. What they ALL represent are ways for us to connect with others realizing that there is a commonality hidden within. There are people who've found success when their circumstance they were born into threatened to have them going down the same darkened road. They found their hope and refuge in the Arts. To realize that many may not have that option should madden even the most mild tempered individuals.

Add on top of that the fact that the want to close access to many...MANY (if not all- until they carve a trump one out of orange rock native to New Mexico) of our National Monuments and change or start to mine National Parks (remember the fear I mentioned in a previous blog?). We use them to bring our classroom outside and enjoy the natural beauty this country has to offer. As it is, the cost can be high at some places unless you have a National Park Pass which we do. It doesn't just affect vacationers, but it also affects schools who take field trips and students who are studying our affect on the wildlife's habitat. We knew it was coming because he said he would. Anyone who thought, "How or why would he do that?" should take a step back and REALLY listen to what he said/says.
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One more thing that people who voted for him and supported his lunacy will realize is that even though he said that he would not get rid of YOUR/OUR healthcare (instead replace it with something better) will see that YES...HE LIED AGAIN! The whole insurance credit will do nothing to lesson the cost of what you pay out of pocket. It will go fast and leave you will bills that don't just go away with a matter how many you say out loud! Those who were only able to AFFORD insurance through the ACA will no longer be able to do so. They have added the removal of treatment for substance abuse funding. What do you think will happen when this goes away? The people who have substance abuse problems will turn to dangerous ways of getting the money for their fix. It just might include mugging someone's sister, wife, husband, daughter, father, husband, cousin, child, and the list goes on. Oh, and there has been a reduction of abortions on record because of access to birth control. What happens then? Back alley or bathroom abortions were the way before...going back to that is not an option. You might think that it won't way on earth...well.... 

To think of medical care as a privilege versus a right suggests  me that the person saying it CHOSE the family they were born into. They sent their wishes (even BEFORE conception) down and said....only a family with money, acceptable race, no mental issues, and educationally (insisting on what they should do instead of them choosing) focused were an acceptable family unit. Well, doesn't work that way. Some are born into a family where there is an endless circle of substance/physical abuse, parents received a middle school education, live where the racism threatens to kill them on a daily basis, and hence their life dealt them a bum hand. Whether they like it or not. Some break the cycle but we have to be honest and say that many don't. We could set up a chart for these folks and show them what they are ok with against early death that would have been prevented with preventative check-ups. The truth us that they were LUCKY in one way or another. They might have worked hard for it...but many work hard yet it seems as if they are trying to ride an escalator that is going the opposite direction.
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Man could I go on, but I won't. Hopefully I got most of my points across. It was not me simply rambling on. I know people whose lives will change for the worse if these things (and many other items on the chopping block) lose funding. I cry tears of frustration, disbelief, anger, and sadness. This country will betray us unless we speak out. Will you ride the wave of denial then gasp in surprise THEN stand up when something YOU LOVE is going to be attacked. Or, will you be part of this village of Humanity and have empathy, compassion, and warrior level strength for those who cannot do it themselves?

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