Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Where Did the Past Three Days Go?

Hello Luvs,
Yes, Myles is pretending to stop
the bike with his foot!

Holy Moly! I cannot believe that we've been here going on four days. There has been sooo much that we have accomplished yet still so much left to do. Let me catch you up with what we were up to for the last two days. 

On our second day we settled in at a local library and did some serious schoolin'. They had one large room in which groups could speak freely. Pretty good set-up. If you are wondering which library to visit in the Dublin, CA, area consider this one (
Come on...

We then found a surreal dog park named Cubby's ( Pretty sure that it is fairly new. The gates are in excellent condition and the mulch seems solely affected by the past rain. What really blew us away was the surrounding typography. The pictures do not do it justice. The trees that cover the bright green mountains scream movie set. Add a cool bridge to the left and you have an 'What the?' moment. The yellow of the wild flowers along with the perfectly tall reed grass (is that a thing?) and you could easily spend hours lost in thought and contemplation. Is a dog park supposed to be like that? Why not I say!

My did the color of these
speak to me!

Got a text from the Hubster asking if we wanted to go the movies right after. We have been planning to see 'Get Out' and it was playing at a theater about seven minutes away from the park. Since I am a Regal Club member I was able to receive a free small popcorn for my upcoming birthday (versus 1,500 points). We upgraded to a large for $2.00. I grabbed candy, miniature sodas, and pistachio meat from the RV (shhhhhh! don't tell anyone I do that!). Since the movie cost $40 (even for a matinee showing) this helped us avoid sticker shock. The movie? Well, all four of us loved it. Josh is pretty picky and falls asleep during many of the movies we go to, but he did not for this one. It got us with some jump scares (which is easy for the kids but not us brave adults :-)...) We also found ourselves cracking up! The best friend who worked for the TSA was a CraZy. I won't tell ya what he says that really got us just in case you're planning to see it, which is something that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

So on to yesterday. We got a little bit of a late start and the first thing on our list was burritos at Gordos Taqueria ( in Berkeley. All four of us ordered them with a spinach tortilla but with different ingredients. The main part of the process that made the burritos out of this world was that they steam the cheese and burrito together before adding the ingredients. This allows each to be filled it to capacity without it ripping because it makes the tortilla stretchy. Being foodies, and ones who love their Mexican, trust me when I say that you MUST visit them when you have the chance. The link above lets you know where their different locations are. One word....YUMMERS! Just sayin'. There are some wonderful places to shop that surround the Taqueria, so take some time to explore before or after.
Some genius wrote GO VEGAN  on this
LIVING cactus....

We then drove down to Albany Bulb. It is an area where there was previously a homeless camp. They decided to revitalize it with seeding and clean up. Not sure where the folks went. That is definitely something I wondered about. When I research it I will share. In the place of this camp are yellow flowers, succulents, and cacti. There is also an insane amount of grafitti art that surround you on the first half of the walk. At the end there is a large garden of metal work statues. The one that greets you resembles what some would call 'Jesus' with his hands to the sky. From the side it looks more feminine to me. Why don't you explore and let me know what you think? If you have been before I would love to know hear your thoughts. Below is a slideshow link which gives you a more complete picture of what we came across. This is another place I highly recommend.
Very small section of the

Day 2 & 3-

One thing that we really wanted to accomplish while in the area was the selling and/or donating of items that we took out of storage. Wait...I didn't tell you about that! When we visited our storage we decided to donate a lot more things and get rid of the items we were holding on to but not planning to use. If you are finding yourself bogged down with items gathering dust. If it's not thought of for a year ya need to let go! Donate or sell them so another person can enjoy their goodness. For us it was freeing and necessary. The thought of storing items for six months ( while in Canada) and not sure if we would use them made no sense. We got rid of tons of things and decided to bring some boxes up with us and see if we could sell them. We had two boxes of books and a container full of comics. We got that down to less than one by selling them (I recommend family run Half Priced Books The rest was donated to a local Dublin charity. We donated some children's clothes, toys, and additional items there also. Now we only have four boxes on the RV that will be stored under our bed once we have our solar done. 
My lovely friend Melissa.

The last two things that made the day memorable were...running into a friend/past co-worked Melissa Stamberger (was Castillo) while selling at Crossroads Trading Co. on College Ave. ( ). I walked in, signed up, and turned around to see her lovely face looking through the clothes. I gasped and called her name. It was as if it was yesterday that I last saw her. She is still as beautiful and spunky as ever. Such a joy to run into someone who is a free spirit with a open heart and whip smart memory! Hopefully we will have the chance to spend time together before we leave. Because there have been problems finding a place to dump and fill (details coming in another blog about the difficulties we experienced in the Bay Area) we probably won't today. 

The last thing is the fact that Josh and the kids picked up See's Candies for me! It is in walking distance of Crossroads, and they surprised me with it. Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love that there candy and the memories of joy it brings back! I was a VERY NICE girl and shared!

There ya have it! Two days of rapid fire fun....can't wait to share more!

Til next time,


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