Monday, March 27, 2017

When You Look More Deeply....

Hello Luvs,

Thought I would throw some poetry at ya! I hope you enjoy.

When You Look More Deeply......

When you look you see three

Separate yet knowing

Keeping you 'Less Likely' to see

The joy, the hurt, and the pain

Taken away from this day

No equal to others before

I know.....there will be more

Thoughts, gains, and then curses

The first being thoughts of what was

Given up while remembering to still focus

Never-mind the gains that dissipate with the new day

Tide gently washed it away

Last comes the curses that are aimed toward the clouds

Why is the SIMPLE request

When you look more deeply you see

It's just this moment of 







All wrapped around two harnesses, two pairs of boots

Crocs, and some missing slip on vans

                                                              ~Kat L. Wilson, 2017

Til next time,


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