Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What We Have Learned Recently While Towing the Prius

Hello Luvs,

If you haven't read it lately on the blog I want to say it again. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that the family is riding together. It gives us time to have full conversations, point out different things during our ride which would have been missed previously, and the ability to simply be together. Before doing so I knew that it would change our experience and it has.

I wanted to share how it's been going in regard to towing the Prius. The first few days have gone like clockwork. After the first nights fiasco we learned and adjusted. One thing being that a new tow dolly sticks and needs to loosen. We have been checking the straps after 10 minutes then at gas fill up stops as directed.

Look at this cutie parasol hung at the
Medford Library!
There has been one significant take away I would like to share. In a video I uploaded onto YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-rqxxOylbvEUMDGYlM2tQ/videos?view_as=publictoday I mention the fact that it has been raining screaming baby cheetahs and I did not exaggerate. It is definitely been taking some getting used to. The one thing it placed a damper on? Hooking up the Prius!

Of course we have yet to pick up rain ponchos. If we had them Josh and I would not have been soaked through while trying to hook it on. Wet....yes, but soaked through...no. What did we learn from the experience?

1- buy ponchos
2- park under shelter (even a gas station overhang would work)
3- if rain is expected load it the night before
4- we DO NOT like doing this while it is raining (so follow 1-3 above!)
5- make sure that the tires are still straight (and not just the straps) if you do load in the rain. Our tires seemed to slip a bit and it messed with the Prius.

What did it do? Well, when we checked just before our destination Josh noticed the wheels being a bit cockeyed. We should have taken the car off and redid it, but we didn't. Instead we drove another 30-35 miles with it like that. So, when it was backed off of the dolly warning lights lit up. All three had to do with the brake system. The brake was not on, but the wheels were not aligned properly. This would be like us trying to ride a bike with the front wheel slightly turned. We would immediately crash or stop. Since the Prius cannot do that it is up to us to make sure we check for it.

With these lights on both Josh and I thought that we damaged it. It was not a good feeling since we just put money into both vehicles. The steering wheel seemed locked up and was difficult to turn. I was getting ready to leave and grocery shop but of course I didn't. I had Josh come out and look at it. While he was there I decided to drive the car for a little bit around the parking lot. While doing this the steering wheel eased, the lights went off, and it started to drive like normal (well as much as it has been since we took it into Toyota-later blog!). We think that maybe the computer system was confused?

Is it fixed? Not sure, but right not it seems to be good. It was a lesson that taught us not to repeat anything close to it. Not sure what we did wrong if anything. We just know that water is such a powerful thing...even when sitting on top of a tow dolly.

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