Monday, March 6, 2017

What Place Is Our First Stop & Why Did We Choose To Stop Here?

Hello Luvs,

Though we had some nervous energy a couple of days before we departed Nevada when the actual day came we became electrified from our excitement. As we drove to our first quick stop we (I know I did and Josh told me later that he did) felt as if our chests became lighter and the furrowed brows relaxed. 
Believe it or not...this sky became
even MORE beautiful!

Don't get me wrong....there are many things about the area we were staying that we liked. However, just like other cities, the energy can tell you it is time to go...even for a bit. The amount of allergy symptoms all of us were exhibiting were another reason to leave for a spell. Have you ever felt that way? Where the place you are living or visiting seems to be speaking to you. First in hushed tones then with a shout with no middle ground. We felt that way in New Mexico (stayed about four years too long) and North Carolina (we probably should have visited and not lived there). We are trying to be more aware of this when it happens. That is one definite plus about our current lifestyle. We own the RV and it is not anchored. If we feel the need to leave anywhere we CAN go. The only reason for being in Nevada too long was our doctor visits. 

See what I mean!
So, where are we now? We are in the Bay Area not far from San Francisco. Of course this morning one of our first stops is a local library. Not only to do school work, but to check out what books they offer. We are currently in their large study room. You can sit at one of the tables with your group. This allows for being able to talk to each other freely. One thing we could not do was check out books while we are here. Some libraries have an option were you pay either a family or an individual fee that is temporary. This one does not. In fact many do not. I wish more would consider it. I'm sure that many homeschool families that decide to stay in an area for a few weeks would love to be able to check out books while there. 

Now we get closer to the why of this destination. Well, both Josh and I lived in the Bay Area for a time. I believe that for both of us it was a five year period. We actually lived a couple of blocks away from each other at one point. He believes that he went into one of the places I worked and met me. Funny how things happen...we were not set to meet each other then. It transpired when it should. We both have great memories of the area. Not just the food, but the people who live without judgement of others (for the most part). The area is one that will hold a place in our hearts forever.  

I also have a couple of my girlfriends who live in the area. Hopefully we will get a chance to see both of them. I have already laid out plans for meeting up with Vanessa. I am going to pop into the childcare center she directs and play some guitar, sing, and read to the kiddos. Boy have I missed doing that! Then we will flutter around, hug, catch up, and simply be in each other's company. I have been tremendously lucky to have found several friends with whom time never passes. When you see each other it is as if it was just yesterday (and not close to ten years!) one of those friends is Vanessa! Just LUV my Girls! 

There are the above things, but the major one is to have Eartha worked on a bit. There are a few changes we would like to make and the gentleman who works on GMCs  (but Eartha in particular!) is in this area. Can't get any better than that! Seeing some dear friends while getting Eartha in tip top shape.

As I do all of this I will continue to share moments from our times. In the blog I have placed a short video of our first half day here. The Berkeley Area is alive...and the colors convey so.

Til next time,



  1. Sounds like a perfect place to be. Have a wonderful time!

    1. So far it has been tremendous. Ran into a young lady I used to work with yesterday. Many things had to happen for us to connect. What a day it was.