Friday, March 3, 2017

What I Have Learned About Myself As A Full-Time RV Traveller

Hello Luvs,

In the past few months we have experienced all types of reactions to our current lifestyle. It ranges from jealousy, confusion, mislabeling, excitement, to flat out what are you thinking. The level of support varies also. Whether it is family, a friend, fellow RV'er, or a total stranger everyone has their opinion. Some are vocal about their feelings/thoughts while others handle in a passive aggressive way. With all of this I have learned more and reinforced my feeling of self worth and what truly makes me happy.

I have always been an adventurer. Even though I started off as a shy child I still dreamed of far away places. Most of it was brought on by the countless books I read while closed up in my room. Places like Africa, Paris, and a tropical island were within reach in my mind. Once I turned eighteen I started to spread my wings and venture farther and farther away from the comfort at home. Or course my family wondered why I went so far away (even though for the longest it was within a days/hours drive). What I longed for was finding out who I was and what I wanted from life.

In my early years I knew that I was different and that walked a different route than others close to me. Oftentimes there was an open expression of "That is just Kathy." I know that it was not meant in a hurtful way. It was just their way of recognizing that I was different. So, I moved around a bit and embraced even more of my musical side.

How does this relate to what i have learned lately? Well, more so than family and close friends I have experienced judgement from total strangers who label both me and my family because was are doing something different than the 'normal' way of living. We tried the house and yard along with public school thing and it was not working out. Trying to force it did nothing but make us unhappy. My health issues worsened and my kiddos were (on a regular basis) expressing their unhappiness. What we did as parents was think of what might suit both them and us. Then it was a question of just doing it.

In the past (before children) both Josh and I would move along to where the wind guided us. Being free to constantly change our surroundings was lost. At least we thought it was. We knew that parents were taking the road warrior route with their families. At the start we believed it to be primarily in skoolies. The more and more we researched we saw that it was folks in all different types of converted buses, vans, RVs, and yes.....skoolies! Because Josh works online primarily we decided to go for it. 

We started with an Airbnb (about four months) to finish the school year. In July we utilized Airbnbs primarily up until October. I learned how adaptable I can truly be. How I will find a constant that makes the family feel at home no matter where we are. Whether it is making sure we go to Trader Joe's for our comfort foods or taking along (though it did make space challenging!) our espresso maker and coffee thermos (makes sure that our coffee NEVER tastes burnt while keeping it warm for a significant amount of time). Settling the kids in as fast as possible was also among the first things on our list when we hit another area. This proved the saying 'Home is Where the Heart Is'. What place we were staying in was not as important as being together.

Of course I have also learned what my boundaries are. When to stand up for my family and/or myself. We had INTERESTING Airbnb stays along with folks who knew we were traveling in an RV and for some unknown reason held it against us. It was no surprise to learn that hosts have been discriminating against people because of their race. We had one woman who said no to me and yes to Josh not knowing that we are married. I didn't know that Josh had reached out to the very same person til he sent me the listing. I told him what the host said and we both became upset and sent a correspondence to her letting her know what she was doing. Did we tell Airbnb? No, and I wish we had. Pretty sure she did the same to others. After so many stays I realize that it does a disservice to both Airbnb and folks who are affected down the road. Ya never know. She might have been pulled. If you believe in a higher power she just might have.

As we prepare to leave tomorrow I know that this is my way of becoming my butterfly hatched and fluttering.

Til next time,


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