Sunday, March 12, 2017

Was The Bay Area All That We Remembered?

Hello Luvs,

This week has been a whirlwind of the wildest kind. As we get a few things done to Eartha we have definitely made the most of the time. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to visit with my two friends I mentioned in an earlier post. With our lives being full of things to do in such little time (definitely DO NOT miss the commutes-not that I didn't mostly take Muni, Bart, or walk). 
Dreamy architecture!

Yesterday was a day that passed with the speed of lightning. We knew all the areas we wanted to visit. There were our previous rentals and haunts, and then there were the food places. Because of the excitement we felt none of us realized that we did not eat breakfast. I did pack a bag with bars, fruit, nuts, sparking waters, etc.  that we nibbled on to tide us over til lunch.  

Photo slideshow-

We grabbed lunch at Taqueria Cancun ( in the Mission. The burritos were great, however we still agree that Gordos ( in the East Bay has become our favorite.  Both are tasty and you really can't go wrong with either.

After grabbing our burritos we walked around the Mission with Gold and Pippie. Eating while strolling brings the best of all things together. You get to people watch while making your tum happy. Jalen and I popped in to the Community Thrift Store ( which is a non-profit. The outside of the building is as colorful as they come. Once inside one of the first things I noticed was the floor. The sound of my boots clacking and echoing was wild. Then you notice the exposed beams above your head. I had a conversation with the gentleman who rung us up (bought two shirts for Jalen and an 'M' patch/sticker for Myles) and he thinks that there's a possibility that it was a carriage house. In any case it is a wonder to behold. 
Have to stay hydrated.

While I was being rung up Josh and the kids came across an alley full of murals and graffiti. I was blown away but the talent of the artist and the detail they added lovingly to each piece. I could literally feel what many where trying to convey. There was definitely a political theme to it, and I applaud them for being brave and unapologetic for using their medium to affect people. Below is a link to the video I filmed while walking down. I might be just a bit giddy and/or ramble on. You can mute me if you feel so inclined. That way you can digest the images without my voice intruding.

Video of S.F.-

After this we hit up the Mission, Haight St., the Castro, the Panhandle, Golden Gate Park (where my new profile picture was taken by Jalen and where we also took in the bliss of a Keith Haring Piece), the Presidio, Lombard St. (had never visited it before), SOMA, and the Tenderloin. We got out at a few places. Most notably were Haight St. where I sold a few things, the Presidio where we took pics of the Golden Gate Bridge and had fun on the cool structures they have on the grassy area next to the Visitor's Office (video of silliness below). Then South of Market where we grabbed a few Its'- It ice cream sandwiches (locally made!). I managed to get a decent pic of the moon there.
A message to all....

Going back to selling items, I started at Wasteland where I noticed how much it has changed. No longer were they buying much vintage, but it appeared more like a store that you can find anywhere in any city. They used to be distinctive and full of life. The colors and fun showed with not only displays but with the vibrancy of their employees which is no longer there. Don't get me wrong....the employees that I met were quite lovely people. One actually directed me to a place to try my vintage items. It just seemed so washed out and simply fell in line with the masses. It most likely was financial which makes sense. Now...the store that she directed me to was the opposite! She sent me to Decades of Fashion ( When you walk in the store you notice just how much it vibrates. Being surrounded by so much vintage goodness was overwhelming. I am pretty sure that the owner (Cicely Hansen-a fashion designer) wondered what was wrong with me. I found it hard to speak. Trying not to look up and get lost inside. While she was cutting me a check I gave in and looked up. There I spied a cape that instantly made my think of a far away magical place where fabulousness is a daily occurrence. It would just be the way you lived. If you are going to check out any store while on Haight St. you NEED to go there! Yes, you will be there for a bit, more than likely buy something, and most of all ALLOW YOUR IMAGINATION to take you back to where you are an Icon, Vamp, Trailblazer, Magician, Explorer, or whatever else your heart desires. Just sayin'.....LET THE MAGIC ROCK YOU!
Cubs, pups, and
Keith Haring!

I know that it has taken a moment to get to whether or not the city has changed. Yes, it has both in good and bad ways. Going through the Tenderloin you notice that crimes and elements that were once part of the landscape have been replaced. There is a Tesla Dealership there now. Young professionals wait in line a half block long to eat at a tiny Japanese restaurant, and many social media outlets now call the city home. There you notice Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Uber, and others. There was also a sense of homogenized change throughout the city. The only area where it seemed to not affect as much was the Castro. It still has a halo of goodness around it where you know your special type of passion, flair, fierceness, and sense of uniqueness will not only be accepted but embraced! 
LUV my mixed patterns!

I guess the main thing that changed from before was the fact that many of my friends have moves away. The friends I made there are my forever family that really gets me. No matter what time has passed we love, respect, and appreciate each other simply for ourselves. Who doesn't need that!

Long blog....I know! Hope you enjoyed the share and I appreciate you visiting.

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  1. I was just talking with a colleague about San Francisco and how much it has changed since the tech industry took over Silicon Valley.
    The city is no longer affordable and it is losing some of its quirkiness that made it seem like an unpretentious city.
    It is still a beautiful city but one we no longer remember from the 90's and early 2000's.

    1. It was wild to not see some of the characters that we would have seen in the past. It had been completely homogenized and had hipsters floating around. There were pockets (the ones where the city felt alive) but the city in a whole felt different. Thanks for reading! Maybe you and Brian can meet us somewhere along the coast?