Thursday, March 2, 2017

Canada....We're Coming Your Way!!!!

Hello Luvs,

First and FREQUENT meal
St-Hubert (Express)!
Happy Thursday....! I can't believe that our trip to Canada is starting in less than two days. The past few months have flown by. Mainly because of all the things that we've had to do. The kids had everything taken care of and then some. For me.... there is some unfinished business. You would think that I could get it all worked out, however insurance makes scheduling and appointments quite spread out in relation to time. Hopefully I will not find myself racing back to the States because of my issues. One being a bulging disc in my back....hummmm no wonder I was having trouble walking! One of my projects over the next month is finding a way to get my blood pressure medicine while there. Long!

The nearby hiking (Mestachibo Trail)
 spot- beautiful, difficult, and
Our Airbnb in Saint- Ferreol
Les Nieges. @le5367 (instagram)
Anyhow, some of the reasons why we are looking forward to our trip so much is the typography we will see on the way up (will spread it out over a month). It will give the kids another chance to see more of the country. I might also get to meet up with one of my girls who lives in the San Francisco Area. Lastly, getting the chance to explore Canada and it's culture will be healing. Healing for my creative side, heart, and trust toward my fellow Human Beings...many who have shown their discourteous sides toward my family and our lifestyle recently. It is something that not only Josh and I have noticed, but Jalen and Myles have mentioned it to us independently. 

The architecture of the homes!
This worlds made up of many types of people. Not only racially and/or culturally, but in ways that made this country so great. When I say that I know that it might (well does) ring false. This country is too complex to define. There is both the best and worst here. The main thing to work toward is being YOUR best.

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Chanceux (Lucky) rescued, nursed
back to health, then to a NO KILL

Strawberries from 

Île d'Orléans   

Oh, and throughout the blog are flashback pics from our first few days in Canada!

Wild strawberries picked
on our hikes near the Airbnb!
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  1. Kat, I wish you and your family a wonderful, healing and enriching Canadian experience!

    1. Thanks know how some places let you know that it's time to move on? Well, we have been here for about 3 weeks too long and are VERY excited. Hope that you join us on our adventure. Oh, and what's the latest on #ssps? I haven't seen you on their recently.