Saturday, March 18, 2017


Hello Luvs,
A mosaic art piece from outside the
Salem Public Library

Different things I have experienced recently during our travels have made me feel this way. The longing to shake a few people and ask them what pushed that stick of hatred right up their bottoms. The need to pull your child or handbag close and stare me down as if I did more than simply walk by. Have I been in a true state of denial and it has always....ALWAYS been this way. Many would say yes, and others will read my words and ponder the idiocy of their race. These words may not resonate, but they will HOPEFULLY alleviate some of my heartache. Let's see where this troubled heart leads us... shall we?


What is it you are thinking 
Trampling on another's dream
Of a time when we are more
Than the color of skin we bare
What is there left to do
Treasure the times when you just being you
Placed that mask upon your face
When your heart....hate my race
What shaped the person you are
Where you wear that heart of scars
Refusing to let it heal
Giving into another's will
Of the simple yet complicated beliefs
We are not smart
Carry anger in our hearts
Will try to rob you blind
Then leave cockroaches in your mind
Turn your neighborhood bad
Lower house prices you had
Lesson most of your will
To recognize just how we feel
The looks
The stares
The words under angered breath
The gasps
The jumps
The roundabout way you judge
The hurt
The pain
Of what these thoughts gain
What is it you are thinking
I am more than what I seem
I share many aspirations
Like your daughters and sons
Yet my words seems disconnected
From the harm of the people YOU'VE affected....
                        ~Kat L. Wilson, 2017

Til next time,



  1. Beautiful work Kat! I read all of your blogs (I'm a stupid fast reader, I practice a lot ;)) so awesome that you get to travel around with your family! I have to stay put so I'm a little jealous! Your poems are beautiful although it's very terrible for the motivation of this one. It makes me sad that anyone should have to feel that way.

    1. Thanks so much Brittany for your feedback. I'm glad that you enjoyed what you read. It means a lot to me. Please visit again! Kat