Saturday, February 18, 2017

Why Do We Feel The Need To Categorize Others- Just By Their Style?

Hello Luvs,

Today has me thinking about the power of clothing. How what you wear says so much about you to the rest of the world. At least that is what we are told to believe. Without uttering a word we portray that we are a rocker chick, bohemian goddess, goth girl, book worm, fashionista (though many of these fall in line with that), or just someone who doesn't care (giving us her punk rock goodness).

I believe all of these ways of dressing (there are many more) should never dictate how you are treated. For me, my style of dress might change from one day to the next with each day of the week expressing something different. Are you one of these Women? Do you shuck what others deem essential for your age, size, and/or social standing?
Staying warm....Kat style!
Even with all this what I wear has been a bit of a cushion for how I feel. Wearing or carrying the right thing does something for my frame of mind. When I am not feeling so hot I might wear something that is eye catching. If I am bloated from a food reaction I might wear something oversized that is combined with another item that is classic.

These things are done for me, yet they affect the treatment I receive from others. Is it justified? Should they actually have a conversation with me before passing judgement? I have witnessed people doing so to others and it ALWAYS bothered me. Because, in the end, what is nestled on the inside should be the ultimate gauge of the type of person we are. Categorizing others is easy and is used more than others would like to admit. However, this leads to misunderstandings and a potentially lost opportunity to either get to know someone who has similar like in common or run away because their polo and Louis Vuitton barrel bag did not scream.....THIS LADY IS CRAZY!!!!

So, what do we do? Well for starters we can hold off on the initial judgement and realize that no matter what the other person is wearing they have the potential to add goodness to your life. Who doesn't need more of that!?!

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