Thursday, February 2, 2017

When You Find Yourself Struck By Love!

Hello Luvs,
As I close my seems
like just yesterday.

For the last three mornings I have found myself up earlier with a poem itching to get out. Sometimes this mind does that whether it is poetry, music, or sketching. There is nothing to do but go with the flow. 

So, once again, I share with you something from the heart. It is a brief (so much more has happened) peek into this thing that struck me where I stood and altered my life. 

We never know what will happen when the heart is open. We are not sure if it will leave our hearts in tatters, repair it, or bring about questions about who we are. Nevertheless, it is something that everyone goes through if we are lucky!


A glance
Lightning strikes
In love
From the inside
A wish
In blue eyes
Then dance
A kiss
Two lips
They're mine
On his
Heart pounds
Face glows
A question
Then yes
Dress made
Now mess
No go
Plans changed
A trip
I do's......I do, I do, I do
A show
No food
Them calm
My arms
In his
And now...
Two kids
Time flies
So true
16 years
Me and you
                               ~ Kat L. Wilson, 2017

Til next time,


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