Friday, February 10, 2017

When Music Moves You...What Other Choice Do You Have?

Hello Luvs,

Music has always been something that worked as an escape mechanism. No matter what I do or where I go I find that it brings me back to a happy place. The words that I thought were long forgotten come flooding back while I sing like no ones listening. My kids have been traumatized by this...when at a traffic light has stopped us and a favorite comes on. Even with the windows down. It's like "Mom....really?"
Just Eartha and Me....!

Well, that was until recently (depending on the song!). I have seen a shift in them from thinking that we were easing with cheese to singing along with us. One day it just happened. Myles was singing a Black Sabbath song. He was not singing the complete song but the chorus over and over. I joined in, and we began to sing together.

I should back up a bit and explain why this is such a big deal. Josh and I have surrounded our children with music since birth. They've been exposed to Rock 'n Roll, Blues, Gospel, Rap, R&B, Reggae, Country (Johnny Cash/ Willie Nelson/Patsy Cline style), and many others. They were into it all when they were younger, but as they grew they ventured toward their own styles.

My belief now is that traveling full-time in Eartha and boondocking on the regular has reintroduced songs long forgotten. Just typing this makes me happy beyond words. Music is such a fundamental part of the people that Josh and I are. To know that deep down we have rooted a love of music in our kids is bliss in true form.

We even make up songs from nothing. Just driving along a melody or rhythm might come into one of our heads and we're off. When teaching at preschools I would always champion making anything into a song, and that what surrounds you can become an instrument. I am not alone in thinking this. Many parents have started their children off toward loving music using...maybe pots and pans or tupperware. This is an example of that coming to life.
In San Francisco when really coming into myself
as a musician.

So what music makes your heart flutter, fingers snap, hands clap, legs wiggle, shoulders sway, or feet tap? I'm sure there is something that does that for you. If not, you should find a genre that speaks to you. Music can calm the savage beast, relate to your particular sadness, and bring a smile to your face. As a musician who lives 'in music' daily it is worth the journey!

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