Saturday, February 4, 2017

So, What is in Store For This Family of Four?

What greet us in the a.m.

Hello Luvs,

We are getting closer to our move to Canada. As the days inch toward us we as family are BEYOND excited. There will definitely be some fluttering hearts as we head up. Of course we'll be going through a few places while heading up. With will also be seeing what we see.

Still have not made a decision regarding the Prius. Should we store it here and drive Eartha up solo? Should we place her on a tow dolly or flatbed? We keep going back and forth because once we make a structural change it will remain that way. Because the Prius is built differently than other vehicles flat towing her is not an option. I'm sure that there are plenty of people who've had to make this decision. If you are one, and have any wisdom to bestow, I would love to hear from you. Learning from the experience of others could help us avoid a wrong decision.
Sun...where are you?
This parasol and RV will travel.

Oh My Sunset!
There are a few reasons why we aren't up there yet. One of them being the weather. We've had our share of 30 degree weather with this being an La Nina year. Even in Nevada it's been cold. That being said....70's are in store this week. Throughout the blog are pictures (slideshow is on a photography blog) of our current boondocking spot. It is a dream!!!! I actually picked out this one (, A LOT better than that last one I picked) considering we were next to a ditch with an amount of dog feces that was insanely large. It was as if they had huge dogs who went there five times a day for a month! That or they dumped it from another spot. The latter is less likely.

The other reason is healthcare. We finally reached an agreeable insurance plan. Because of the threat (or rather likelihood) of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act we will lose it. If I didn't have two children and health problems it might not matter as much. Well my friends, I do and I have. Without healthcare there will be no access to the testing and treatment that I need. We are sticking around so that I can see the specialists I need to see. As it is, you wait to see your doctor, that doctor sends you for tests, waits for the results to come back, then sends out for a referral. I saw the doctor two weeks ago and have yet to have my referral come through. Even with all this I still have it better off than many. If I didn't have insurance right now I am not sure what we would do.
No need for sunscreen!

Don't get me wrong. We are not going to see doctors here, skip out of the country, then leave for Canada permanently. If we could and become citizens of Canada we would definitely go for it. Oh, and dual citizenship would be awesome for the kids. 

So, here's the plan right now. Remember that it can change so don't set it in stone. We will go to Canada exploring different areas (of course I will share!) for six months, travel around the U.S. for two, then come back to Nevada for the winter. I am not an extreme weather person whether it is hot or cold. The rest of the family is the same, so it's an easy decision on that front. If I do get my act together regarding promotion of my 
children's books/album our plans might change yet again.

That is the beauty of our lifestyle. We are able to shift our location depending on our needs. It is no longer dictated in a way where we have to live locked into a certain locale. Our little home on wheels will definitely travel.

Til next time,

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  1. Hi Kat,
    Love your blog! I just found it today.
    My guy and I are in a '91 Triple E motorhome and we tow an older Toyota using a Blue Ox towbar. We debated our towing system - we initally had a newer Tiguan that couldn't be towed flat, like your Prius.
    We sold the Tiguan, partly to fund the RV and to avoid using a dolly or trailer. We've been glad that we went with a flat tow, it's one less piece of gear to worry about.
    One of the downsides with towing flat, particularly with the Blue Ox, is you can't back up with it attached. Like, at all. The system locks up, unlike a regular trailer. But this has only occasionally been an issue for us.

    It sounds like you have some current health concerns. I hope they end up being minimal.
    Are you hoping to be on the west coast of Canada? We're currently on the south end of Vancouver Island. It's been a colder-than-normal winter here but it's still lovely.

    1. Hi Becky,
      Thanks for commenting! We are thinking of maybe doing an enclosed trailer that can hold the Prius, 4 bikes, and some belongings. The main concern with that is the weight. Sooooo many decisions that go along with each choice.
      I really appreciate your advice and will mention it to Josh.
      We will be starting on the west coast. Ideally we would like to be there for half the year and exploring different areas. Vancouver Island seems cool. It is one of the places we are probably going to travel to. If you have any food or activity recommendations I would love to hear em!
      Thanks again,