Friday, February 24, 2017

So Much More Left To Do...

Hello Luvs,

A blog with pictures of our recent hikes is coming soon. But today I wanted to share my experience from yesterday. I chose not to document the time with pictures, but instead taking in everything I was experiencing. Anything from the sounds and colors to the feel of rock and dirt beneath my feet all had meaning. Hopefully I will be able to live this life for much longer. As I age I plan to NEVER  lose the feeling of excitement and wonder of the world around me. It will not matter if I am battling through pain (well I guess it some extent) because in the end I will be there in the moment....and as along as you are here/there in the moment and present it is valuable beyond measure.
Didn't realize papayas were so delicious!

So, below is my attempt at conveying just how I felt and what experience I had. The form will not be precise and not in poetry form. It is geared to be something you I that moment.

Coat on then step down. The wind causes me to turn around just in time to see the crow hovering above. He calls out in communication because others join veer right and travel toward the horizon. Ankle twists and I change my step. Pippie comes running like lightning bringing back a memory of 'wonder dog'....I smile. Myles climbs up and down the hillside, jumping from rock to rock, then grabbing my hand. Though his style has changed and his legs have grown before my eyes his hands seem so small. They are the hands of a free spirit who amazes and at the same time frustrates. He is his own person. I am glad of that. Jalen calls to me. She has noticed the purple blooms that have sprouted since we visited last. The bloom reminds me of a Trader Joe's bouquet I loved that included daisies. A memory so bright fills my mind. We climb over a steep hill that is followed by uneven road. Still we continue this way. The breeze reminds me of the time of year and my cheeks shake and my lips dry. Must remember chapstick (of course I didn't) when we return. My oh my look at the sky! While the planes heads toward the airport the contrail leaves behind a whispy work of art. How is that possible? Looking up too long causes me to stumble. Right calf aches for yet another day. I remind myself...walking meditation and posture....walking meditation and posture. Let this be accepted and become part of me....simply. As we get closer to the water Goldie slowly makes her way closer. Getting older she is much slower yet still seems to bounce and entertain. She has a frown of concern....that bird! A seagull is hovering above close enough for us to realize that he is looking at us. He rises then lowers being pushed by the wind. While a large group of others are just round the bend. He seems entertained....what is it that he sees? If only he could tell me. I say hello and he turns his head again, expands his wingspan further, and then is off again. What is that smell. As I turn I spy Pippie scoping out an onion. A BIG yellow one left behind by previous visitors. Once we notice this the other things brighten and become more obvious. This is what makes it more difficult for others. Left behind clothing, glass, plastic, wrappers, dog feces, tupperware, paper bags from a fast food joint, and list list goes on. We try to leave it better than when we came...what a shame. We can only do so much, why others seem to adjust to become destroyers. This world is ours to share and we need to make it better. There is nothing like this moment...a Mama Bear and Cubs spending time together. These are the memories that we have wished for. Excitement about rocks, birds, and mud. So much more we have yet to do.... Are we return to Eartha  food becomes a necessary next step. We have worked up an appetite. Can't wait for our next hike!
Even the seeds are stunning!

Hopefully you will join us so each moment is shared with you!

Til next time,


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