Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How Is It That I Am Writing Today's Blog?

Hello Luvs,

My quick check in regarding my surgery and our next move.

So, it's Tuesday, and I was due to have surgery today. As you read on it may dawn on you that since I am typing that I've decided to not have the procedure YET. As I (or shall I say Josh) researched more and more between my scheduling of the date and today we were finding many people who lost serious function of their hands and/or still had shooting pains they experienced. Many voiced how their hands were still numb. As a musician that really scares me.
Recent hike at Lake Mead
we found a new spot!

The next step has been finding out whether or not acupuncture and therapeutic massage is covered by my health insurance. Through my doctor's (appointment tomorrow) recommendation I am trying to fight for them as options. Because surgery was most likely my last option (the surgeon said) they may not. The main difference is the fact that I've never had it done on a consistent basis but on a sporadic one. Going regularly might enable me to function more.

If they will not cover it or it doesn't work I will have no other choice but surgery. One of the main concerns is making sure that I do not wait too late. Having the procedure when it has been an ongoing issue (I am coming up to that) I might shoot myself in the foot. All I know is that I can play Janis, take a break, and play her again. I could not imagine not being able to do so. It makes my heart race and eyes well just thinking about it. That time might come...but I know what I'm dealing with now. Letting you know what is going on with me might explain why I have not blogged in a few days.

Now....on to the good stuff. Right now Eartha is at our mechanic being checked out in order to make her road ready for our upcoming trip. A few things being looking at are the oil lines, generator, tune-up (if needed), and making sure that nothing is wrong with the house battery so she'll start right up.

Over these next few days we will hopefully find and install our tow dolly for the Prius (she had her work done last week). After looking into folding ones we have decided to get regular sized bikes. Now we need to figure how we will store/transport them. A rack will most likely be the plan. However, we are not sure if we should add it to the Prius or Eartha. If you are an RV'er and tow I would like to know your thoughts. Did you place the rack on your car or RV?

The weekend will be here before you know it and we will be off. We'll be taking our time heading up and there will be lots of video and pictures to share with you along the way. So, if you're not following me already make sure you follow this blog or on one of the sites below.

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Til next time,


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