Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello Luvs,

Today in particular I feel as if life is so fragile. I know there are things that can be avoided and things that cannot. When something taunts us on a daily basis we have to pay attention and shift when we can.
The ripple from the shore just touched by a fingertip.....

But what happens when this shift is not within your power. You know there are lessons that life throws at you that are the weight of a cinder block. A block that heads toward you at 20 miles per hour while you are looking to the left with no idea it is on it's way. When that block makes contact you either buckle or duck once it hits your peripheral vision. 

What I feel today resembles the very corner grazing my temple....leaving my forehead raw with open cuts that will undoubtedly leave scars. I brace myself while still holding out for the news of a different outcome.

Until I celebrate who she has and still is for me. An Aunt who ventured outside with me on a treasure hunt, was stern when she knew that i KNEW BETTER, and endeared herself to Josh while nicknaming him Joshie!


It is not just the thought of you
When laughs were part
Of life's recipe
It's the dimples of light
And love emanating from
Your soul
It is not just the knowledge you own
Knowing when kindness does more
Than a frown
A gift
A will
A must
When still
It is not just the memory
Of the times you gave
Your heart
It is more about
The mess you gleam
Clean with spirit
I know 
I feel
I ache
Because it is not just me
Who sees the need 
Of YOU...Now fragile
                                                      ~ Kat L. Wilson, 2017 for Auntie Linda 

Til next time,



  1. Can't you just hear her saying "Joshie"?
    Makes me sad just to recall her saying my name.
    This is a nice poem you dedicated to her, she will surely be missed.

    1. I can...the smile she had when she was saying it. She endeared herself to him immediately. Did S. and P. decide not to continue leave it on? Had not heard that. She would call me 'Kath'. You need to talk call me!