Thursday, February 16, 2017


Hello Luvs,

Just a little something scratching to get out. I feel the need to stay calm while a tornado does its best to wreck havoc on all around me. Let's hope it flows....
Sometimes I wonder...

Brush away the doubt
And remain calm
This is nothing more
Than a distraction not yet passed
It's the nightmare
That plays out in daylight
Claws and teeth scratching
Your insides
Though you want to scream out
"I'm Calm...Da** It!"
You know that it is untrue
The shell that travels today
Melts away with the midnight moon
Though you never thought you'd be here
You find yourself trembling with fear
Cold air blows out
Heart pounds
Stomach flips round
Yet the outside seems calm
Will you follow the mantra
Of weathering the storm
That left your world in shambles
A new life reborn
Will you reach out to others
To steady your hand
Keep your body upright
As your gait is no longer right
Just remember the days
 When this was no burden to you
Your heart only focused
On the reality...your truth
Repeating the word then question 
You hope will ring true
Is that you?

Til next time,



  1. This should be a song!!!! Love it!

  2. I am a songwriter ya know...! Thanks Sweets. I love it when you comment!