Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Are Human Beings Anxious to Be Divisive?

Hello Luvs,

I have found myself asking this question over and over again recently. The fact that I have to is concerning in itself. This should not be anything that comes to mind for me, you, or the future generations of this country.
Everything I do revolves around these two Human Beings.
I would walk through fire or battle the scariest demons for them.
For their NOW & for their FUTURE!
I have witnessed people who have become emboldened to show their true colors. With a level of confidence that would not have been possible even a month ago. What? A month ago....YEP! I do not want to go round and round about this repeating the same thing over and over again. The reason...because this is quickly becoming the status in a the country that proudly touted that this is the place where 'someone could strive to set the path for a better life' and achieve it. 

Immigrants who were escaping fear of persecution realized and truly believed that the 'American Dream' could be their's with hard work and passion. They arrived on boats which arrived by way of the Port of New York. My husband's family is an example of escaping prejudice and finding open (or what could be perceived as open) arms here in the States. They worked hard and built something that still carries a sense of family and entrepreneurship and lead by example. They were not turned away upon arrival. This was where their dreams flourished, but they would not be greeted with the same openness today. They were not Christian (instead Jewish) so by the current administrations standard 'not given preferential status'.

When I consider the blank slate that we are all born with in our minds it makes the heart hurt. Beliefs of elitism and bigotry by their parents drilled into their heart and psyche over and over til it becomes a person's mindset. No longer a free thinker, but instead a person who tows the line. Everyone around them says racist, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-trans, non-athletic, odd looking, anti-poor, simple-minded, overweight (feel free to insert what you know they say!) jokes.  It is the way it has always been around the house, work, and yacht/boat clubs. That, my Luvs, is the problem!

Until we call out (and DEFINITELY NOT elect) the people who perpetuate these beliefs and hold them to the fire we will never see any TRUE change. It is not ok for someone to grab their purse when they stand next to me, cross the street when they see a man of color walking toward them, laugh and snicker at the person walking past OR eating who is overweight, or make fun of someone who has tattered shoes (and not the hipster factory styled ones).

Have we ALWAYS been this way and it simply takes a person who embodies these negative things being in the spotlight to show how flawed this country is? We must NEVER forget that this is a country built on the blood of Native Americans, Chinese Workers, and Africans brought against their will to a country that would eventually try to push them out. Acting as if them being here was their ancestor's choice. Yes, there was a system of slavery shown through history in different places. However, being chained, stacked, thrown overboard when the ship was to be searched, removed from heir children, raped by their MASTERS and forced to carry their child part of any of these systems. What caused it....and how can we change the model in which we live?

For Josh and I it has become more and more clear what is to be done for our family. But what will you do? Will you stick up for the person you see being pushed around, run for office and try to work from within, will you become more active in your community, or will you quietly go about your business because it does not affect you?

Well, unless you have that golden parachute you WILL be affected if they continue to raise the social security age (or get rid of it!). They aim to make health insurance even more expensive. College tuition continues to go up to a no longer affordable level. But most of all the programs that Roosevelt put in place to HELP those who are in dire straights and need an extended hand are under fire. This should make even the most docile in every the community fuming mad. Are you?

Til next time,


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