Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How Is It That I Am Writing Today's Blog?

Hello Luvs,

My quick check in regarding my surgery and our next move.

So, it's Tuesday, and I was due to have surgery today. As you read on it may dawn on you that since I am typing that I've decided to not have the procedure YET. As I (or shall I say Josh) researched more and more between my scheduling of the date and today we were finding many people who lost serious function of their hands and/or still had shooting pains they experienced. Many voiced how their hands were still numb. As a musician that really scares me.
Recent hike at Lake Mead
we found a new spot!

The next step has been finding out whether or not acupuncture and therapeutic massage is covered by my health insurance. Through my doctor's (appointment tomorrow) recommendation I am trying to fight for them as options. Because surgery was most likely my last option (the surgeon said) they may not. The main difference is the fact that I've never had it done on a consistent basis but on a sporadic one. Going regularly might enable me to function more.

If they will not cover it or it doesn't work I will have no other choice but surgery. One of the main concerns is making sure that I do not wait too late. Having the procedure when it has been an ongoing issue (I am coming up to that) I might shoot myself in the foot. All I know is that I can play Janis, take a break, and play her again. I could not imagine not being able to do so. It makes my heart race and eyes well just thinking about it. That time might come...but I know what I'm dealing with now. Letting you know what is going on with me might explain why I have not blogged in a few days.

Now....on to the good stuff. Right now Eartha is at our mechanic being checked out in order to make her road ready for our upcoming trip. A few things being looking at are the oil lines, generator, tune-up (if needed), and making sure that nothing is wrong with the house battery so she'll start right up.

Over these next few days we will hopefully find and install our tow dolly for the Prius (she had her work done last week). After looking into folding ones we have decided to get regular sized bikes. Now we need to figure how we will store/transport them. A rack will most likely be the plan. However, we are not sure if we should add it to the Prius or Eartha. If you are an RV'er and tow I would like to know your thoughts. Did you place the rack on your car or RV?

The weekend will be here before you know it and we will be off. We'll be taking our time heading up and there will be lots of video and pictures to share with you along the way. So, if you're not following me already make sure you follow this blog or on one of the sites below.

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Til next time,


Friday, February 24, 2017

So Much More Left To Do...

Hello Luvs,

A blog with pictures of our recent hikes is coming soon. But today I wanted to share my experience from yesterday. I chose not to document the time with pictures, but instead taking in everything I was experiencing. Anything from the sounds and colors to the feel of rock and dirt beneath my feet all had meaning. Hopefully I will be able to live this life for much longer. As I age I plan to NEVER  lose the feeling of excitement and wonder of the world around me. It will not matter if I am battling through pain (well I guess it will...to some extent) because in the end I will be there in the moment....and as along as you are here/there in the moment and present it is valuable beyond measure.
Didn't realize papayas were so delicious!

So, below is my attempt at conveying just how I felt and what experience I had. The form will not be precise and not in poetry form. It is geared to be something you feel....as I felt...in that moment.

Coat on then step down. The wind causes me to turn around just in time to see the crow hovering above. He calls out in communication because others join veer right and travel toward the horizon. Ankle twists and I change my step. Pippie comes running like lightning bringing back a memory of 'wonder dog'....I smile. Myles climbs up and down the hillside, jumping from rock to rock, then grabbing my hand. Though his style has changed and his legs have grown before my eyes his hands seem so small. They are the hands of a free spirit who amazes and at the same time frustrates. He is his own person. I am glad of that. Jalen calls to me. She has noticed the purple blooms that have sprouted since we visited last. The bloom reminds me of a Trader Joe's bouquet I loved that included daisies. A memory so bright fills my mind. We climb over a steep hill that is followed by uneven road. Still we continue this way. The breeze reminds me of the time of year and my cheeks shake and my lips dry. Must remember chapstick (of course I didn't) when we return. My oh my look at the sky! While the planes heads toward the airport the contrail leaves behind a whispy work of art. How is that possible? Looking up too long causes me to stumble. Right calf aches for yet another day. I remind myself...walking meditation and posture....walking meditation and posture. Let this be accepted and become part of me....simply. As we get closer to the water Goldie slowly makes her way closer. Getting older she is much slower yet still seems to bounce and entertain. She has a frown of concern....that bird! A seagull is hovering above close enough for us to realize that he is looking at us. He rises then lowers being pushed by the wind. While a large group of others are just round the bend. He seems entertained....what is it that he sees? If only he could tell me. I say hello and he turns his head again, expands his wingspan further, and then is off again. What is that smell. As I turn I spy Pippie scoping out an onion. A BIG yellow one left behind by previous visitors. Once we notice this the other things brighten and become more obvious. This is what makes it more difficult for others. Left behind clothing, glass, plastic, wrappers, dog feces, tupperware, paper bags from a fast food joint, and list list goes on. We try to leave it better than when we came...what a shame. We can only do so much, why others seem to adjust to become destroyers. This world is ours to share and we need to make it better. There is nothing like this moment...a Mama Bear and Cubs spending time together. These are the memories that we have wished for. Excitement about rocks, birds, and mud. So much more we have yet to do.... Are we return to Eartha  food becomes a necessary next step. We have worked up an appetite. Can't wait for our next hike!
Even the seeds are stunning!

Hopefully you will join us so each moment is shared with you!

Til next time,


Monday, February 20, 2017

Why I Am Choosing To Have Surgery...

Hello Luvs,

I quick update on one of my health issues. I wrote about my hand and forearm problems that were diagnosed as carpal tunnel. Well, after meeting with the surgeon I have decided to go ahead with the surgery. As I mentioned before, I have been to every type of doctor and tried multiple ways to address the issues.....all to no avail.
Quick peek into blog coming tomorrow!

I can choose not to have the surgery next week if I have reservations or I think that I've found another option. After dealing with the issues getting worse and worse over the years I yearn for a way to resolve it. 

The surgeon mentioned that the surgery only takes about ten minutes and the recovery time is about a week. Of course for a time after I will not be able to lift items (which I can't do now!). One thing that stood out was the fact that the waking up several times a night should end almost immediately. I'm sure that Josh will appreciate that! He also let me know that they only do one arm at a time. That will help me figure out if my left arm has been overcompensating for the right.

If you know anyone who is and/or has gone through the same ailment and chose a different route that was non-surgical I would love to hear from you. I still have an open mind up until I actually have the procedure. Maybe sharing this will lead to someone offering up a different solution.

One bummer was that he found that my leg issues have nothing to do with the carpal  tunnel. So, sooner or later (like when I can't walk without dragging my right leg!) I will have to take on what's going on there. Until then, I will take it one issue at a time.

Til next time,


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Why Do We Feel The Need To Categorize Others- Just By Their Style?

Hello Luvs,

Today has me thinking about the power of clothing. How what you wear says so much about you to the rest of the world. At least that is what we are told to believe. Without uttering a word we portray that we are a rocker chick, bohemian goddess, goth girl, book worm, fashionista (though many of these fall in line with that), or just someone who doesn't care (giving us her punk rock goodness).

I believe all of these ways of dressing (there are many more) should never dictate how you are treated. For me, my style of dress might change from one day to the next with each day of the week expressing something different. Are you one of these Women? Do you shuck what others deem essential for your age, size, and/or social standing?
Staying warm....Kat style!
Even with all this what I wear has been a bit of a cushion for how I feel. Wearing or carrying the right thing does something for my frame of mind. When I am not feeling so hot I might wear something that is eye catching. If I am bloated from a food reaction I might wear something oversized that is combined with another item that is classic.

These things are done for me, yet they affect the treatment I receive from others. Is it justified? Should they actually have a conversation with me before passing judgement? I have witnessed people doing so to others and it ALWAYS bothered me. Because, in the end, what is nestled on the inside should be the ultimate gauge of the type of person we are. Categorizing others is easy and is used more than others would like to admit. However, this leads to misunderstandings and a potentially lost opportunity to either get to know someone who has similar like in common or run away because their polo and Louis Vuitton barrel bag did not scream.....THIS LADY IS CRAZY!!!!

So, what do we do? Well for starters we can hold off on the initial judgement and realize that no matter what the other person is wearing they have the potential to add goodness to your life. Who doesn't need more of that!?!

Til next time,


Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello Luvs,

Today in particular I feel as if life is so fragile. I know there are things that can be avoided and things that cannot. When something taunts us on a daily basis we have to pay attention and shift when we can.
The ripple from the shore just touched by a fingertip.....

But what happens when this shift is not within your power. You know there are lessons that life throws at you that are the weight of a cinder block. A block that heads toward you at 20 miles per hour while you are looking to the left with no idea it is on it's way. When that block makes contact you either buckle or duck once it hits your peripheral vision. 

What I feel today resembles the very corner grazing my temple....leaving my forehead raw with open cuts that will undoubtedly leave scars. I brace myself while still holding out for the news of a different outcome.

Until I celebrate who she has and still is for me. An Aunt who ventured outside with me on a treasure hunt, was stern when she knew that i KNEW BETTER, and endeared herself to Josh while nicknaming him Joshie!


It is not just the thought of you
When laughs were part
Of life's recipe
It's the dimples of light
And love emanating from
Your soul
It is not just the knowledge you own
Knowing when kindness does more
Than a frown
A gift
A will
A must
When still
It is not just the memory
Of the times you gave
Your heart
It is more about
The mess you gleam
Clean with spirit
I know 
I feel
I ache
Because it is not just me
Who sees the need 
Of YOU...Now fragile
                                                      ~ Kat L. Wilson, 2017 for Auntie Linda 

Til next time,


Thursday, February 16, 2017


Hello Luvs,

Just a little something scratching to get out. I feel the need to stay calm while a tornado does its best to wreck havoc on all around me. Let's hope it flows....
Sometimes I wonder...

Brush away the doubt
And remain calm
This is nothing more
Than a distraction not yet passed
It's the nightmare
That plays out in daylight
Claws and teeth scratching
Your insides
Though you want to scream out
"I'm Calm...Da** It!"
You know that it is untrue
The shell that travels today
Melts away with the midnight moon
Though you never thought you'd be here
You find yourself trembling with fear
Cold air blows out
Heart pounds
Stomach flips round
Yet the outside seems calm
Will you follow the mantra
Of weathering the storm
That left your world in shambles
A new life reborn
Will you reach out to others
To steady your hand
Keep your body upright
As your gait is no longer right
Just remember the days
 When this was no burden to you
Your heart only focused
On the reality...your truth
Repeating the word then question 
You hope will ring true
Is that you?

Til next time,


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Open Look Into Where My Mind & Body Reside...

Hello Luvs,

It's been a few days since my last lifestyle blog and many things have happened. We did another boondocking location. It was actually the very first spot we stayed at in Lake Mead Recreational Park. It offered up the same beautiful view, however the condition (though not terrible) showed us that the folks staying there in between had a little less respect for their surroundings. We cleaned up a bit making sure to leave the space better that it was when we arrived.
These I find now long to
betray me.

During this time both Jalen and I took on the task of organizing many of our things. Living in a smaller space dictates that we find a spot for everything and not allow it to get away from us. Don't get me wrong...it was pretty organized before, but sometimes when you add new items it is not done as smartly. Felt good to do that! It was as if we cleared our minds a bit more. While doing so I also felt a sense of peace and serenity. Almost as if I had done a long meditation and it left me floating.

That brings me to the main focus of today's blog. Though it might seem to some as if I am just rattling off thoughts and do not have a purpose. Yep, might seem to view my blogs in that way! But, ultimately this blog is to remind others that they are not alone. They can free up their lives and live closer to their ideal vision. That being bogged down with financial issues does not have to be their daily existence. Living a different way than others is not wrong but is just simply YOUR way. I also strive to share my poetry which is done in the moment....along with other things. Some might resonate with you while others do not. We are all individuals with different thoughts, feelings, and experiences. What binds us is the fact that we are all part of the Village of Humanity.

During the time that I've been writing most has been about the many joys this road has brought into our lives. But, during this I have also been experiencing lows in regard to my health. After some time it seems more and more as if my problems were brought on by an infection. Since then this body which has ALWAYS been high energy with a bit of a go get 'em mentality is betraying me. Currently I am having a bad time of it. My legs threaten to let me fall (while my right leg does not want to help me walk). My bones ache along with the muscles surrounding them. My hands and arms numb up (to where they feel as if they have lost all blood flow) and begin to experience sharp pains when I write, type, wash dishes, sweep, do my hair, read a book....and the list goes on. My back has a sharp pain that comes and goes which travels up and down my spine. The ringing in my ears is deafening, and my eye popping headaches have worsened. It is what it is and I deal with it the best I can. I believe my positive outlook and mindset have helped my tremendously during this time.
Great food is ALWAYS part of our lifestyle!

My health journey has been filled with much frustration. Every doctor tells me that they know that the symptoms are real (and NOT in my head) but there is no clear cause. Do you know how hard it is to hear doctors say that again and again over the course of five+ years? When people see me they say, "Well you look great." As if I should be ashen, in sweat pants with unkempt hair? I have been to see every type of doctor under the sun. Next week I have an appointment to see a surgeon to find out if carpal tunnel is causing all of these symptoms which for me is hard to imagine. Having surgery is the very last thing I want to do. Hopefully it will not come to that.

The interesting thing is, while listening to public radio this weekend, a young woman was sharing her health story. A story that seems eerily similar to mine. She was checked for depression, told to exercise more (to strengthen the muscles), and/or that her symptoms were not real. I had a really machismo neurologist tell me that I needed to talk to my pastor. After the woman did the recommended items she was in excruciating pain. The same pain I can relate to. I shared the same the debilitating pain after teaching my enrichment program. Often times I had to will myself to finish the classes. Then I would walk slowly and purposefully to my car. Once I reached home I could hardly pull myself out of the car. Yes, I completely understand her pain. She was finally diagnosed with M.E. which is a Chronic Pain Disease.
This happened on one of my recent good days.

The one thing we do not share is children. My kiddos eventually asked me why I was so tired and not as active. I thought that I was being successful in hiding it from them. I would never lie to them, but I would simply ask for a few minutes. When they began to notice Josh and I shared what was happening. I miss being able to climb and jump like I used to. We do still hike, however I have to be aware of the climbing grade and duration. When I am in remission from symptoms we take full advantage and plan more outdoors activities.

I feel as if sharing what I am going through while embracing the adventure this family of four is enjoying might resonate with some. I am going to pen when things are good or bad. That way you know that just like you my life is not all rosy and without trails. Hopefully this help another in some small way.

Hearing the woman on the radio reminded me that we DO NOT have to be alone. If there is anyone who is not supportive of me or my family I will let them go, remove them from our lives if necessary, wish them well, then do what is best for me and my family.

Til next time,


Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Pure Cure for This Dusty Dream

Hello Luvs,

Picture courtesy of Baby Boy!
As the blog closes in on 21,000 hits I wanted to say thank you to all who take the time to read it. You have kept me inspired to continue. This blog is a way to share the many things happening in my life and the life of my family. Being able to rant, share, and reminisce about life's events is such a great way to maintain a lighter heart. 

When deciding what to write today this came to me....I hope you enjoy it!

Til next time,


A Pure Cure for This Dusty Dream

When what once was broken

Seems rebound

Messy edges with large spaces

Left all around

Will it be the thing

To make you see

That these seams are a dream

Cautioned by your reality

A time when what's up

Goes slowly down

All the world spins round

Not sure where you touched down

All you know is that you are not sure

Of your surroundings....let alone

A PURE cure

For why this journey never ends

Because tomorrow

It all.....begins again

A dusty dream cut right open

~Kat L. Wilson, 2017

*Cover picture courtesy of my son Myles...even the youngest of us can see the beauty that surrounds!

Friday, February 10, 2017

When Music Moves You...What Other Choice Do You Have?

Hello Luvs,

Music has always been something that worked as an escape mechanism. No matter what I do or where I go I find that it brings me back to a happy place. The words that I thought were long forgotten come flooding back while I sing like no ones listening. My kids have been traumatized by this...when at a traffic light has stopped us and a favorite comes on. Even with the windows down. It's like "Mom....really?"
Just Eartha and Me....!

Well, that was until recently (depending on the song!). I have seen a shift in them from thinking that we were easing with cheese to singing along with us. One day it just happened. Myles was singing a Black Sabbath song. He was not singing the complete song but the chorus over and over. I joined in, and we began to sing together.

I should back up a bit and explain why this is such a big deal. Josh and I have surrounded our children with music since birth. They've been exposed to Rock 'n Roll, Blues, Gospel, Rap, R&B, Reggae, Country (Johnny Cash/ Willie Nelson/Patsy Cline style), and many others. They were into it all when they were younger, but as they grew they ventured toward their own styles.

My belief now is that traveling full-time in Eartha and boondocking on the regular has reintroduced songs long forgotten. Just typing this makes me happy beyond words. Music is such a fundamental part of the people that Josh and I are. To know that deep down we have rooted a love of music in our kids is bliss in true form.

We even make up songs from nothing. Just driving along a melody or rhythm might come into one of our heads and we're off. When teaching at preschools I would always champion making anything into a song, and that what surrounds you can become an instrument. I am not alone in thinking this. Many parents have started their children off toward loving music using...maybe pots and pans or tupperware. This is an example of that coming to life.
In San Francisco when really coming into myself
as a musician.

So what music makes your heart flutter, fingers snap, hands clap, legs wiggle, shoulders sway, or feet tap? I'm sure there is something that does that for you. If not, you should find a genre that speaks to you. Music can calm the savage beast, relate to your particular sadness, and bring a smile to your face. As a musician who lives 'in music' daily it is worth the journey!

Til next time,


Thursday, February 9, 2017

What Do You Get When Mama Bear and Cub Make a Snack? Energy Balls!

Hello Luvs,

While boondocking finding snacks that the whole family likes is really important. Trying to find ones that are easy to prepare with healthy ingredients is ALWAYS at the top of our list. Lately I've been on a bit of a flax meal kick. On the back of the package there is a recipe for 'no bake' flax energy balls. We made them....and boy were they easy and delicious. 

*Side note- we did not have the vanilla extract, but it worked without it. And yes ALL ingredients are from Trader Joe's!
All the ingredients are laid out.
We did the dry ingredients first.

Pictures of the process are throughout the blog. If you decide to make them PLEASE let me know what you think!
Looks yummy already!


Mix it all up!

And try not to eat them all
in one seating!

Til next time,


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Are Human Beings Anxious to Be Divisive?

Hello Luvs,

I have found myself asking this question over and over again recently. The fact that I have to is concerning in itself. This should not be anything that comes to mind for me, you, or the future generations of this country.
Everything I do revolves around these two Human Beings.
I would walk through fire or battle the scariest demons for them.
For their NOW & for their FUTURE!
I have witnessed people who have become emboldened to show their true colors. With a level of confidence that would not have been possible even a month ago. What? A month ago....YEP! I do not want to go round and round about this repeating the same thing over and over again. The reason...because this is quickly becoming the status in a the country that proudly touted that this is the place where 'someone could strive to set the path for a better life' and achieve it. 

Immigrants who were escaping fear of persecution realized and truly believed that the 'American Dream' could be their's with hard work and passion. They arrived on boats which arrived by way of the Port of New York. My husband's family is an example of escaping prejudice and finding open (or what could be perceived as open) arms here in the States. They worked hard and built something that still carries a sense of family and entrepreneurship and lead by example. They were not turned away upon arrival. This was where their dreams flourished, but they would not be greeted with the same openness today. They were not Christian (instead Jewish) so by the current administrations standard 'not given preferential status'.

When I consider the blank slate that we are all born with in our minds it makes the heart hurt. Beliefs of elitism and bigotry by their parents drilled into their heart and psyche over and over til it becomes a person's mindset. No longer a free thinker, but instead a person who tows the line. Everyone around them says racist, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-trans, non-athletic, odd looking, anti-poor, simple-minded, overweight (feel free to insert what you know they say!) jokes.  It is the way it has always been around the house, work, and yacht/boat clubs. That, my Luvs, is the problem!

Until we call out (and DEFINITELY NOT elect) the people who perpetuate these beliefs and hold them to the fire we will never see any TRUE change. It is not ok for someone to grab their purse when they stand next to me, cross the street when they see a man of color walking toward them, laugh and snicker at the person walking past OR eating who is overweight, or make fun of someone who has tattered shoes (and not the hipster factory styled ones).

Have we ALWAYS been this way and it simply takes a person who embodies these negative things being in the spotlight to show how flawed this country is? We must NEVER forget that this is a country built on the blood of Native Americans, Chinese Workers, and Africans brought against their will to a country that would eventually try to push them out. Acting as if them being here was their ancestor's choice. Yes, there was a system of slavery shown through history in different places. However, being chained, stacked, thrown overboard when the ship was to be searched, removed from heir children, raped by their MASTERS and forced to carry their child part of any of these systems. What caused it....and how can we change the model in which we live?

For Josh and I it has become more and more clear what is to be done for our family. But what will you do? Will you stick up for the person you see being pushed around, run for office and try to work from within, will you become more active in your community, or will you quietly go about your business because it does not affect you?

Well, unless you have that golden parachute you WILL be affected if they continue to raise the social security age (or get rid of it!). They aim to make health insurance even more expensive. College tuition continues to go up to a no longer affordable level. But most of all the programs that Roosevelt put in place to HELP those who are in dire straights and need an extended hand are under fire. This should make even the most docile in every the community fuming mad. Are you?

Til next time,


Saturday, February 4, 2017

So, What is in Store For This Family of Four?

What greet us in the a.m.

Hello Luvs,

We are getting closer to our move to Canada. As the days inch toward us we as family are BEYOND excited. There will definitely be some fluttering hearts as we head up. Of course we'll be going through a few places while heading up. With that....you will also be seeing what we see.

Still have not made a decision regarding the Prius. Should we store it here and drive Eartha up solo? Should we place her on a tow dolly or flatbed? We keep going back and forth because once we make a structural change it will remain that way. Because the Prius is built differently than other vehicles flat towing her is not an option. I'm sure that there are plenty of people who've had to make this decision. If you are one, and have any wisdom to bestow, I would love to hear from you. Learning from the experience of others could help us avoid a wrong decision.
Sun...where are you?
This parasol and RV will travel.

Oh My Sunset!
There are a few reasons why we aren't up there yet. One of them being the weather. We've had our share of 30 degree weather with this being an La Nina year. Even in Nevada it's been cold. That being said....70's are in store this week. Throughout the blog are pictures (slideshow is on a photography blog) of our current boondocking spot. It is a dream!!!! I actually picked out this one (little...no, A LOT better than that last one I picked) considering we were next to a ditch with an amount of dog feces that was insanely large. It was as if they had huge dogs who went there five times a day for a month! That or they dumped it from another spot. The latter is less likely.

The other reason is healthcare. We finally reached an agreeable insurance plan. Because of the threat (or rather likelihood) of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act we will lose it. If I didn't have two children and health problems it might not matter as much. Well my friends, I do and I have. Without healthcare there will be no access to the testing and treatment that I need. We are sticking around so that I can see the specialists I need to see. As it is, you wait to see your doctor, that doctor sends you for tests, waits for the results to come back, then sends out for a referral. I saw the doctor two weeks ago and have yet to have my referral come through. Even with all this I still have it better off than many. If I didn't have insurance right now I am not sure what we would do.
No need for sunscreen!

Don't get me wrong. We are not going to see doctors here, skip out of the country, then leave for Canada permanently. If we could and become citizens of Canada we would definitely go for it. Oh, and dual citizenship would be awesome for the kids. 

So, here's the plan right now. Remember that it can change so don't set it in stone. We will go to Canada exploring different areas (of course I will share!) for six months, travel around the U.S. for two, then come back to Nevada for the winter. I am not an extreme weather person whether it is hot or cold. The rest of the family is the same, so it's an easy decision on that front. If I do get my act together regarding promotion of my 
children's books/album our plans might change yet again.

That is the beauty of our lifestyle. We are able to shift our location depending on our needs. It is no longer dictated in a way where we have to live locked into a certain locale. Our little home on wheels will definitely travel.

Til next time,

If you have trouble watching the video just click here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B56MAMcz57roa3VBb2Nyd2ctems/view?usp=drivesdk

*P.S. To see more pictures simply click the link above!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

When You Find Yourself Struck By Love!

Hello Luvs,
As I close my eyes....it seems
like just yesterday.

For the last three mornings I have found myself up earlier with a poem itching to get out. Sometimes this mind does that whether it is poetry, music, or sketching. There is nothing to do but go with the flow. 

So, once again, I share with you something from the heart. It is a brief (so much more has happened) peek into this thing that struck me where I stood and altered my life. 

We never know what will happen when the heart is open. We are not sure if it will leave our hearts in tatters, repair it, or bring about questions about who we are. Nevertheless, it is something that everyone goes through if we are lucky!


A glance
Lightning strikes
In love
From the inside
A wish
In blue eyes
Then dance
A kiss
Two lips
They're mine
On his
Heart pounds
Face glows
A question
Then yes
Dress made
Now mess
No go
Plans changed
A trip
I do's......I do, I do, I do
A show
No food
Them calm
My arms
In his
And now...
Two kids
Time flies
So true
16 years
Me and you
                               ~ Kat L. Wilson, 2017

Til next time,


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Bully.............

Hello Luvs,

When realizing that I had not posted yesterday this poem came to me last night. I hope you like it, and in some small way it resonates.

These words were true then, and they remain relevant today.

There is no light
Shined onto me
A kindness reflected
Through many storms at sea
A breeze I can feel
Difficult to shield my eyes
I know in the end
Reflection will be mine
Out then in
I remember the order
Of this meditation call
That provides a safe border
Where I am just a being
Who comes with many faults
That existed long before
You laughed and pointed
Then mentioned them out loud
Now I have no other choice
But to call you by name
The bully who voices
His own muffled shame
His doubt of himself
For he does not stand alone
There are many there beside him
Calling this country home 

                                             ~Kat L. Wilson, 2017

Til next time,