Sunday, January 15, 2017

When Picking a Spot To Hike-Why Did We Pick Red Rock Again?

These clouds seemed to be magnetized to the mountains.
Hello Luvs,

Well, with the holiday tomorrow and the Hubster still working (though fortunately a short day) we decided that half of today should be spent outside. It has been a while since we had a picnic, so we dressed warm and headed to Red Rock National Conservation Area. 

Pippie before hike!
Goldie before hike....

So, why did we pick R.R.N.C.A. once again? There are several that come to mind. The first being the fact that the Park is ran quite well. There are numerous family friendly spots to hike and/or picnic with lots of trash cans and restrooms scattered around. You find lots of places for those who like to climb (we ran into some folks who were just starting to learn). They have also been restoring several areas. Once of those is a habitat for the spring mountain squirrel. The entrance fee is $8 which is quite reasonable or what you get. Lastly, it is located pretty close to where we are urban boondocking at the moment. It was only about a 10-15 minute drive which flies by.  
THIS is a view from the inside of the
visitor's center-those mountains are REAL!

Making our way to the area we missed
last visit. Fire-Water-Air-Earth

The only drawback is the campsites. There are no hook-ups except for the hosts. There are also no dump or fresh water refill stations. Charging $15 a night without all that makes it a no go for us. We drove by the RV/5th wheel area and it was quite pathetic. It was basically a roundabout. We were not surprised that they were only about 20% booked. Folks have other options out there. Most would choose to bypass that and just come for the day. 
Birds in flight...

Far away grandeur....

I'll probably put up a top five places to boondock, camp, or hook-up sometime in the future once we've stayed at enough to have a true list. So check back for that.
Turtle crossing the pathway.
High Point Overlook
Just in case you weren't sure what
they were.

Throughout the blog I have placed quite a few pictures of our day. They are glimpses into just what this Park inspires and contains. A landscape so vivid and breathtaking that you feel overwhelmed at times. Oh, and we even got a chance to view pictographs and petroglyphs. If you are within a couple of hours drive tomorrow seriously think about going. It's free for the holiday!!! Just sayin'.....

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Til next time,


Sculpture celebrating the snail....
Can YOU pick out the big horned sheep?

One of the areas being restored.

Even water flowing down adds it's layer
on this area of art in life.
There's my climber!

See mountains will climb....with dogs!


  1. Just the pictures are breathtaking! I can only imagine how fantastic it must be in person.

    1. We kept reminding each other to look.... Then, after lunch I saw something on a far away ridge. I thought it was a long horn and was not sure til it moved. To see one looking out over the area was surreal. It is a place we highly recommend as a family.