Thursday, January 19, 2017

What To Do With This Mane WITHOUT Cutting Off All My Hair!

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It is not very often (if ever) that I have devoted an entire blog to my hair. Often I get to the stage where I need to do something or I will cut it all off. I've done this many times in the past. When I have, a weight has been lifted and I've felt liberated. So....what is a girl to do when living an RV life where we conserve our water, power, and time doing things that detract from exploring. This faux hawk might just have to go?
Accessories lead the eyes AWAY
from the mane!

Being African-American (if you haven't figured that out yet should I be concerned?) Woman, who doesn't follow the trails set before me in regard to my hair, continuity isn't a given. From a young age I have used my hair as a vehicle for self-expression. In high school (quick bit of immodesty) I started a bit of a trend with my haircut. Each time I make a dramatic change I remember that It is hair and it grows back. At least, thus far it has.

I've toyed with dreads many times. As my hair was growing out I would start 'em. I start to twist and manage to keep it up for months only to change it because it was more of the same. I did mention continuity....right? So I would do bantu knots, then twists that start from bands, and then start to french braid it. All would be good til I wanted something different.
What I had to do to
get it here!!!

I believe one of the reasons I lose it is because my hair is just too thick. The kind of thick that had little girls cutting their dolls hair after it has been in the yard through a couple of rain storms. Yep, that's my hair! I try everything under the sun but it remains the same. Yes, there is a kinkiness to it, but when it starts to reach about 2 inches it curls more. They are tight ringlets that have me feeling cute until....ya guessed it! I am ready for a change.

Just imagine it.....all gone!
Then comes the last attempt before processing. I blow dry it til it is screaming for mercy and cursing me out. It becomes so mad that it starts to scream. I try to subdue it with some really good product. For a bit this mane is my friend....then it happens again. My head rebels and I get frustrated. After that there is no other choice (at least for me) but to process it. Doing so brings it to a state where I can whip it into shape...shape it up...get straight (DEVO anyone?). Without much money (never ending budget) both Josh and I have to be able to manage it. Yes, the Hubster will cut my hair and/or anything else I need from him. I did good...!

Yeah, it was a good hair day!
As I write this I realize that there are so many factors that go into decisions we make regarding our hair. When you have hair that is outside the norm (or what is CONSIDERED normal) it makes it more difficult. Traveling around I know that there are others (you know what I mean!) who need products for their hair and skin. Many times I have trouble finding hair care and make-up that matches my skin tone. This just might have to be something I revisit in the future. When I come to an area that lacks just like a barren desert OR spills to it's edges to abundance I'll share it with you. This all seems like a loss of potential revenue. Why is this happening? Are these businesses not worried about losing this customer base? By not stocking options they are saying that they're ok without their money and/or business. Anyone have any thoughts on that? You can send shout outs about places I must visit should I flutter through an area.

In the end I am still not sure what I should do. Pictures of the mane's current status are placed throughout the blog. Thoughts????? Anyone????? 

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