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What This Family of Four Found at Lake Mead...

Hello Luvs,

The beauty on a hill!
Another weekend....another boondocking spot. This time we went to the Lake Mead National Park. We've stayed at the privately owned RV Park on Lake Mead land, but this time was different. Being surrounded by mountains and water is the best way to wake up and greet the day. Also, the closet neighbor is .5 miles away (if that close!).

Our goal is to find places where we can dump (the nasty stinky stuff) and fill our fresh water. Unlike the folks who pick the side of the road, or down the street gutter (YES.....there are people who have done one of these....and boy do you know as soon as you open the door!) The last couple of places have offered these services for free. The Lake Mead spot is indeed free and there is more than one spot to do the necessary dump and refill. We went on Friday and stayed until mid-afternoon today. That seems to be a perfect amount of time for us. If you missed the Death Valley New Year's Blog simply click the link below.
Picture courtesy of Jalen.

Yes, Luvs...that would be a smore!
My Wish For Both You and Me:

When we drove in Josh found a perfectly level spot that had a firepit right in front. We sat up our chairs because the kids have been wanting to roast marshmallows. We were able to do that along with walk down to the water. There we found ducks, seagulls, blue herons, and snow egrets. Housed around us was a view that could not be described. Even on the most grey of days it was breathtaking. We did see and hear wolves, so we made sure that we kept the dogs close. Some visitors had theirs off leash (even though they have signs saying the opposite). Pretty sure it's because of the wolves being so close by that could end up making something ideallyic into something nightmare inducing. 
Water marker we came across...

For our homeschooling activity (both p.e. and geology) we went looking for the biggest variety of rocks we could find. Instead of collecting them we took pictures of each. This ensures...that others also get the chance to enjoy their beauty. We will refer to the images later in the week when we try to identify what they are. Some we know and others left us guessing. 
Colors of the desert!

So, what would we rate the L.M.N.P.? (1-5 with 1 being the lowest):

Convenience: 4.5 It is not too far from Boulder City. So, while we are staying around in order for me to take care of things the drive was not bad.
Eartha becoming one with the desert!

Cost: 4 (because of having to pay for the National Park annual pass- $80)) We got in free because of our yearly pass. You can go in for the day ($20) or up to fifteen days in your RV, Van, Tent, etc. (with the entrance fee). If you have a fourth grader reach out to the National Park Service for a FREE yearlong pass!

Staff: N/A The only staff you come across is the rangers at the entrance. They were nice and friendly. Our last visit (at the private RV Park) did not go so well-more than one was having a bad day.

Trail/Path: 3 (because of the trash and other things not cleaned up) All you had to do was pick a direction and go. There were roads prepped by vehicle travel and others by previous visitor foot traffic.
Pile of nails previously under water.

We were sad about a few things. One was that the water level has lessened by 100 feet. This was obvious by the things we came across that were previously underwater. There were nails, boat parts, sections of water markers, and what looked like a half burned door. The boat ramp ended at least .5 miles before reaching the water. There is also a sign that says beach access. There was no beach to be seen. Just dry land and rock....which were beautiful...but still saddening.

When I woke up this morning (after Josh departed to work and the kids still in bed) I looked out the window to see just how amazing the location was. While being present in that moment I took several deep breaths and smiled. I feel so tremendously lucky to be able to live this lifestyle. To witness my children getting so excited when they come across various things is icing on the cake. 
Pippie demanding a belly rub!!!

Through reading this I hope it rings true just how much I enjoy sharing our journey with you. My thought process often travels in circles, and I become poetry obsessed (can someone EVER be poetry obsessed?). I feel lighter in my heart, grateful for THIS life, and excited for the journey yet to come.

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