Sunday, January 8, 2017

What Is My Mantra for the Coming Week?

Hello Luvs,

The morning was a little different than
forecasted...still, what a view!
Of course my morning latte was with me!
Not much time with wifi so I am going to make today's blog short. When I think about my mindset and what keeps me pushing on through family drama, health issues, today's 'me' society, and trying to remain 'the best me' a mantra seems to help. But, for me this week, Imma need a few. Maybe some of these will resonate with you. If they do remember that we are on this stream of consciousness together. As it ALWAYS should be. We ARE A VILLAGE....and when one lifts another up it can oftentimes be contagious. Let's get this positivity going shall we...?
Both Pippie and Goldie wanted to
take in the crisp morning air.

~When someone starts off with "Hopefully you will understand?" remain in the mindset that you can and will be open, empathetic, and compassionate.

~If the news you receive rings about more research and ask for more information as a way to be better prepared next time.

Hummm...where do you think they are headed?

~Just as you are about to shout out something in retaliation step back and see if it serves you to add to the negativity.

Earhta is getting her solar on!

For me....this is the most important one this week....and it's a long one.

Remember that you are A HUMAN BEING who makes mistakes and tries with each attempt to be a better you. Make each day count as another chance to add light and positivity to the world around you. Pick up litter, open a door for someone, let the person waiting go in front of you, speak to your peers and/or employees with the respect they deserve, and take a deep breath BEFORE jumping into the long end of this life.
Myles...the fire breather!

Til next time,


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