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What I Observed On a Recent Trip To Walmart

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It's been a couple of days since my last post. I have been busy adding items to my Etsy shop. The shop has been renamed and has a new focus/goal. Throughout my travels I will be searching for GREAT bags and wallets that will be available at a reasonable price to my customers. There will be designer pieces along with evening and tooling around fun bags that 'just make you feel cute' matter what you are wearing. Who doesn't need one of those? Below is the link to the shop. Simply click the link and pop on.

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Now...on to the main subject matter of the blog. We as a family are not really Walmart shoppers. Sometimes we need to go because there is nothing else around. Such was the case when we first purchased Eartha. We needed sleeping bags for the kids (we use them in their bunks) and we bought them at the Walmart closest to where we were. They were very reasonable and the kids liked the color. As is most of the items, we found out that the quality was not so hot. So, less than 2 1/2 months later I went in to return one because it was falling apart. As I waited in line I turned around to take in the scene.

We've seen some crazy things while shopping at Walmart. Whether it is a 100 proof liquor bottle completely emptied to a woman with her hands up her girlfriends shirt right in the middle of the aisle. Whenever we see a crazy thing we are usually not surprised. There is definitely a wide array of folks who shop there.
It's missing in action!
Image courtesy of the Congressional Progressive Caucus

As I took in what was happening around I noticed something that was truly sad. All (and I mean ALL) of the employees from the greeter, cashiers, and stock people were all at least 65 in age. First thing you might think is that they have a job and it is great that Walmart hires people who are mature in age. Then you remember just how Walmart treats their employees. They treat women different and lessor than men. They have full-time employees who still have to rely on government assistance to feed and maintain their health. Those are just a couple of quick examples. For a company to rake in money hand over foot to pay their employees so little is a disgrace. As they hire these people they know that they will have to return a large portion of their money to them because they cannot afford to shop elsewhere. They also know that taxpayers will be on the hook for their healthcare despite these people working very hard for them. It is do surprise that I run into people who are so defeated.

Then you think about the fact that these men and women are at retirement age (I asked an employee who had to be around 80!). Even though it keeps going up in age of qualification they still qualify. Still....they are not enjoying their later years in relaxation. Yeah, some people work to keep their minds and bodies busy, but do you think that is the case? If so, then good for them. If not....then how did they get there?
When burned and quickly decaying....
can it be fixed or should we redefine it?

There are a few reasons I think they are back at work. The first is that they were born and spent their first half of adulthood living in a country where you have that house (and sometimes RV), buy those toys, charge on that credit card, and take out that second and third mortgage. With the wage not reflecting inflation their money would have simply been no longer enough. Owing or paying more than what they receive from Social Security they find themselves trying to make ends meet. The amount received is simply not enough because rent, food, gas, clothing, and other things have gone up through the years. Many end up upside down on their mortgages. They did not save because they were not shown how or they were lulled into thinking that they would be taken care of. They paid into a system that simply is not there...really....truly.

The last part is really scary because now we have a person who is the leader of the country who will most likely sign a bill brought to him by republican leaders that wants to dismantle Social Security. They also want to take away the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). For those of us who have paid into the system since we were teenagers this not only makes me mad, but it scares me to the bone. There are so many negative things that are now possible that I would have never have thought were just one short year ago.
Sad...but true.

The most maddening thing about all of this is the fact that a lot of these people who are now having to work somewhere that treats it's workers poorly more than likely voted for him. They wanted an outsider and this billionaire was their ticket. In the end he will do the opposite of WHAT IS NEEDED for them to survive. They voted against their self interest which happens to voters over and over again. Clinton being supported by African Americans was tragic also. The school to prison system benefits her.  The tragic thing is that it will be too late for a turnaround because of their lack of judgement.

In North Carolina the Governor who lost his reelection bid held a special session and stripped the new Governor of some of his legislative power. With the way the results of the recent elections shook out what is to stop him and others who want to rip this country apart (broadening the gap of wealth) from passing items that strip the next President of his power and/or set up legislation that cannot be overturned. Maybe I am being am alarmist.....or maybe prophetic. Either way, it does not sit well in my stomach. What about yours? Does all of this sit well with you?
This Luvs is the truth about who was elected
via an outdated electoral college....
not in a TRULY democratic way!

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