Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Adjustments Have I Made While Living Full-time in an RV?

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Yesterday, while using the library ladies room I realized how comfortable I have become using public restrooms. In the past I would often wait until I was at home to use my own bathroom. Not just for (excuse my terminology) number two....but for urinating also. As this occurred to me I started to think about the other things I've shifted toward in order to become more of citizen of the Rv lifestyle.
Our home on wheels...Eartha!

When you live in an apartment or home you just know that the water will be there unless you didn't pay your bill or there was some type of weather related occurrence. There would be hot water to the point that you had to accommodate immediately with cold. in Eartha, we have to shift our water usage. This in imperative especially when we are boondocking. Because we wouldn't want out water pump to burn out we turn off the water when not in use. In order to have hot water we need to use the water immediately after driving or running the generator for thirty minutes. Oh, and you MUST have the water heater on to make sure that it is heating to just the right temp. When the generator is not running and/or we have no need to drive somewhere I heat up the water on the stove (for use in a a baking soda head to toe body wash) remembering that it will use propane. Because the water and holding tank are the exact same size we have to watch what goes down the drain. That means that if I use bottled water for something I have to remember to balance it with what I use from fresh. Otherwise there is more water in holding tank then should be and it can cause the holding tank to overflow. We've had this happen a couple of times, and I can tell you that they experiences were not pleasant. I am gradually fine-tuning my system as a constant thought on my mind. Since really focusing on it we have not had the overflow happen again.
In this picture you can see some of
the things I have done to maximize space.

Using passive solar is another thing that we are constantly utilizing. With the evenings and some days still being chilly and overcast we have to be aware of where we park and when to open and close our window shades to maximize the sun's heat. It can make the difference in whether or not it is toe chilling or a heat box. Neither of which we want. Josh has taken the lead on this, but I do try to make sure his way is clear to do so.

That brings me to my next item. Finding the best way to organize Eartha so we get the most out of our small amount of storage is a constant project. I have really dialed in about half of the interior storage area. While out I try to find the best storage containers that work in a small space (200 square feet) while not adding too much weight. A few of the things I have found have really helped in this function. Jalen has taken on the project of under the bed storage of shoes and they are now clearly placed. This helps with trying to find the shoes you want when you want them. 
An example of using the sun and
recirculating the air.

Grocery shopping and stock items have been easier than I thought they would. I have mason jars that hold bulk items placed snugly behind the stove. The coffee, cereal, rice, dog food, etc. are at the ready whenever needed. They are at a size that allows Jalen and Myles to replace whatever is needed for feeding the dogs or themselves. I also use the cutting boards for extra counter space when preparing meals. This is an area that can get filled fast, so I have to be smart about the order of preparation.

One of the biggest adjustments has been our sleep schedule. We tend to go to bed earlier because we rise earlier. This happens for two main reasons. The first is that Josh is on a different time zone from his company so he must rise much earlier. Then there is Pippie. She is a younger dog and needs more activity. We have no yard (and do not really like the outside RV fence thing) so we need to take her out early. Since Josh is working it falls to me. I know that she truly needs to go because she does her business immediately. Sometimes she wants a long walk and sometimes just a few minutes before she wants to return to the RV. She was on her own with her sisters for quite sometime and is used to going when she wants. We are gradually trying to make things more reasonable. It is hard to be stern with her because she is such a communicative lovey dog. We just adore her!
We have made great use of the 26 feet we have.

I'm sure in the future I'll share more of what changes we have made. If you have any questions for me I would love to answer them. Until then, come back and see where we are boondocking and the experiences we share as a family. There will be budget friendly meals, park and activity recommendations, social observations, and poetry that has stemmed from some or all of these things.
Using the outside area as livable
space helps a lot.

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