Friday, January 13, 2017

We Can Be Heroes....Bowie Sang It and I BELIEVE it!

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Right now I am listening to 'Life on Mars?' full blast while writing this. When I realized that it has been a year since he passed my chest fills and tears well. His music does something to me. It brings me back to the center while pushing me to the outer limits. The kind of music you feel in your bones, then remember just where you were when you first heard If I wasn't in the library with Jalen and Myles right now I would be singing it out at about a 20. Being inside a study room doesn't really work for doing that. Just heard him say, "One decibel....".
Forever Inspiring.....!

Still as the next tune comes on '(Nothing But) Flowers' by the Talking Heads I still hear Bowie (just in case you didn't know what larger than life musician I was writing about). You can hear where some of their vocals collide and fill your head. Another one I could easily be wiggling along to while bouncing along. Ok, I am bouncing in the study room now. That is something I can do without being kicked that IS WHAT I'M DOING! This is a band that for me brings about light and energy. There are other bands that do the same....but T.H.s remind me of Bowie, so they stay toward the top.

Do you have a certain type of music that does that for you. Whether it is air guitar, cha cha, salsa, church hand raisin', standing in place closing your eyes to take it in, or something that ties into a style where breakdancing is all you can do. You will pop lock, spin on the floor pickin' up all the dust that the swifter/broom just didn't get. You know what I'm talking about If you don't....I want that for you. I need you to have that music in your life. 
Smilin' at ya!

Music IS THE TIE THAT BINDS US. It just is. I know from singing in the church choir when not yet out of my shy shell. Landing a gig before Milk n Honey had a full band put together, and from moving up to San Francisco just after picking up the guitar and going to an open mic night (knowing only a few guitar chords at the time) and taking on a regular spot at Hotel Utah (had to find backing musicians quickly!).

*Side note...they NEVER spelled my name right! Not once!!!!! Just sayin'

Now Eddy Grant is singing about 'Electric Avenue' which solo goal is to bring you higher. Where else can you find others who inspire you to do something (even when it has a semi-coded meaning) that charges the soul. We NEED this type of inspiration, calming, and stimulating energy.

I have seen music take hold in the youngest minds. Where you play them a steady beat...which just might be a bit bluesy....and watch as they bounce, sing, dance, then go home and do the same for their parents. You could always tell the kiddos who were surrounded by music at home and those who just had that fire ignited. There is no more fulfilling feeling you can experience in regard to teaching.
Third button on my chromebook case...who doesn't like Pink Floyd!?!?

Then you think about how music helps the brain of young minds. No matter how it is justified, the arts should be available to all children. There is a power in it to inspire, educate, and bring about an openness. You can't find that in other things that are continually being pushed on them.

To pull you into another feel good moment I will tell ya that the last tune playing while I write this is 'We Can Be Heroes' performed live by Bowie in 1978. He hits those high notes then longingly croons and it pulls your heart in four directions at once. You should find this version of the song and blast it. We can all be heroes on our own and in our own way. By inspiring those around us to be a better them simply by watching our actions. We can do that kind thing that we've thought about doing. We can respect others in a way that is not dysfunctional, exclusive, or hateful. Just one day at a time.....One action at a time....One word at a time. Music reminds us of least it does for me.

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