Monday, January 30, 2017

Trying To Step Up My YouTube Game....Want to Help?

Hello Luvs,

The entrance to the Preserve.
So, I am going to try to step up my content on YouTube. Through not only this blog, but on YouTube and Nuime (!/posts) I am continuing to share our journey of living in an RV full-time. We have been in Eartha (our 1977 GMC Motorhome) for about three months. Even before then we were staying solely in Airbnbs. We started in June 2016 and continued up until we purchased Eartha.
Jalen and Myles taking in the view.

During that time we have been in Canada (St Ferreol Les Nieges, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City), throughout the United States (Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California, Tennessee, Delaware, Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Utah, Colorado), and down into Mexico (Los Algodones). And during this time I have shared many pictures and videos. I feel as if you've been there with us. When we see a glorious view YOU see a glorious view!
Who knew contrails could be so

So, to be able to share even more of our adventure I am going to start adding more videos onto my youtube channel (

Subscribing to the channel is the best way for you to experience new content because you will know when a new video goes up. Because editing video and doing a blog along with it might prove too time consuming I will most likely post straight to YouTube.
Taken at the overlook.

How can you help me out? Well, you can subscribe and share the content I post. Social media is the best way to share my vision. I have already uploaded several videos from our travels along with budget friendly meal ideas. I've even added some poetry. It is a work in progress, and I will continue to try to finesse it to where it falls in line with my skill set (which is growing with every day, upload, and banner made!) and is not boring for you to watch....wouldn't want that! How does that sound? Would you be willing to share my YouTube site? It would mean more than you know!
A Mama and her cubs!

Today I am posting a video that walks you through the FREE ADMISSION Bird Viewing Preserve in Henderson. It is an activity that keeps us occupied for a couple of hours, assists in homeschooling the kids, and did I mention it's FREE? If and/or when you find yourself in the area make sure to stop by. Below is a link to their website.

Boardwalk goodness...

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures throughout the blog! Now go and view the video on YouTube!

Bird Preserve: 
When outdoors exhibitions are
called for.

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