Thursday, January 5, 2017

Our FREE Visit to Badwater Basin...!

We were all so excited
to visit!
Hello Luvs,

Trying to play catch up is weird. I know what I want to share at the beginning of the day, but then low and behold I think of something that you might enjoy more. One of those things is our trip to Badwater Basin. While staying in Death Valley this was a no brainer for the family. Because of it's unique terrain it brings to mind just how much things can change with varying conditions. 
But before we did...lunch was needed!
Trader Joe's to the rescue!

Badwater Basin is the lowest point in in the U.S at -282.2. Because it's fed by a small spring that brings in 'bad water' (NOT DRINKABLE!) the name was the only logical one.... The salt flats at the bottom are surrounded by salt formations that start up the hill then slowly descend down to the flats. These little mounds look like what would house fairies. It is hard to the touch. The area houses various life forms which the kids noticed in one of the pools of water. The reflection of the mountains in these little bits of water did tricks to my eyes. Such clear image from still water always brings a smile to my face. 
At the start of the walk we were
met by these mounds.

Come to think of it....the mounds remind me of the sludge that remains after the snow has been shoveled to the edge of a road. The kind that melts then reforms the next day depending on how cold it is. I wouldn't recommend trying to stomp it. This is part of the Death Valley National Park and hence protected land.

We were surprised by the amount of
water we came across.
On the day we visited there was a significant amount of visitors. I heard several different languages being spoken including French, Spanish, Mandarin, and German.  Even if I had not I would have known because of their style of dress. What stylish people come from these places! There was even a group of motorcyclists decked out in gear taking in the beauty. The clear indicator of traffic is always the line at the restroom. It is one of the types that are basically a port-a-potty with more space and a sink that is not housed on the door. Luckily we were in Eartha so I did not have to utilize it other than for throwing away trash. If you can avoid it (by going before or after I would recommend it.
Does this reflection play tricks on
your eyes?

There is a sign displayed that tells you 'no dogs are allowed'. We had walked down across an area that takes some time, so we picked them up and carried them down the path. I felt like such a rule breaker! On the long walking path you take in the grandeur of the space. It is stark in color and seemingly never ends. The path is flat after descending a wheelchair/stroller ramp or stairs, so all can partake in the walk.
High up one of the mountains 'sea
level' was marked.

Nice place to stop...!

So, how would I rate Badwater Basin in D.V.N.P.? (1-5 with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 4.5 The drive was an easy one from where we were boondocked. We found a pretty level spot past the entrance on the side of the road for Eartha.
Staff- N/A It is a self-led trail.

Trail/Path- 4.8 As I mentioned earlier, the entrance and path make it accessible for both wheelchairs and strollers.
Price- 5 There is no entrance fee for this activity.

*If travelling there during the warm part of the year make sure that you bring water with you. Death Valley is named that for a reason. The highest recorded temp is 134 degrees. You should also bring sunscreen and a hat. Even with my skin tone I would burn to a crisp (one only prefers when speaking bacon) quickly....and no one likes it when this Mama Bear is in that type of pain! Just sayin'

and now the trail/path!!!
Pictures of our visit are placed throughout the blog. You can tell that Eartha was at home and happy. We are so over the moon with our decision. Living this way has brought about a change in us as a family unit and belief that we can never go back to the type of life we had before. They always warn again saying never....however, we can see ourselves settling into something that is not the traditional route and continues to encourage us to travel and live OUR BEST LIVES!
A Family that walks together....

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Of course a climb was on the menu
for Myles.

Sun setting...and a day well spent!

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