Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Our Recent Experience at a Las Vegas Library...Sahara West That Is!

Hello Luvs,

I wanted to quickly share our experience we had at one of the local libraries we frequent. As a whole the Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City library system and it's employees have been kind, courteous, and accommodating. We spend a significant amount of time at almost all of them when in the area. Not only do we use them when the kids are doing their homeschooling, but when needing to charge our devices. For a large percentage of the time we use a study room if one is available. Occasionally we stay over the two hour time frame if no one else needs the room. The kids do at least 90 minutes of school so allowing them a fair amount of screen time after makes their mornings less of a chore. If you're a parent (even if they are publicly schooled) you know that doing homework and/or a project and/or studying for a test can be rough.
On a different day than the incident....
luv the architecture of the building!

So, now on to the experience we had. We urban boondocked about five minutes away from the Sahara West Library. It was a Saturday and the kids wanted to visit the library to use their devices, check out some books, and look at what movies they had. Once we were up and had the coffee made we decided to drive over to the library. They have spots for buses. Because we do not want to take spaces away from cars we park there. It only makes since.

Josh was in the Prius doing some work things and around 9:15 I saw a security guard walking up to Eartha. When she was close (just outside) I opened the door. I wasn't sure what she wanted, but I didn't want her to start Goldie and Pippie barking and opening up before the knock seems to work in that regard. When I opened up the door she mentioned how it was a great day to be there (keep in mind that we have Nevada plates and we in any way appeared to be visitors) because there was going to be a performance later in the day at 2:00 p.m. That was what she used to start talking to us. That WAS NOT why she really came up...she wasn't on duty yet and was rolling her things along for the day in a suitcase. She walked from the complete opposite side of the library. I knew this because I saw here while I was snapping pictures.

What she really wanted to say was...."You can't park here overnight." Remember, this was 9:15 in the morning! There was no indication that we were planning to do so. We were there just like any other patrons wanting to utilize the library during it's open hours. We were pretty sure that she did not go up to people parked in their car (let their dog off leash to poop) and tell them that. Was it because we live in our RV? She doesn't know that but she had already made assumptions about us. Nevermind the fact that I had picked up a ton of trash I noticed while walking Pippie. As an individual/family we make the library a better place.
Eartha nestled on the other side of a section
that I picked up the trash from.

The harassment did not stop there. She then asked about our dogs. "You have more than one of them in there?" I said yes. Josh later said that it was none of her business, but it still had not sunk in that she picked us out. She then said, "You don't leave them in here when you go into the library?' I should mention that is was about 50 degrees and overcast. I responded that we are responsible dog owners, and that we know what to do with our dogs.

This is when I started to get annoyed. We are very aware of how to take care of our dog that we've had for over 13 years (Goldie), and our second that was a rescue (Pippie). For someone to ask me about it in a condescending way was upsetting. Once again...she assumed too many things about us.

In the end there was a report made and she said Josh was harassing her because he wanted her to justify why she picked us out and questioned our care of our dogs. Remember, Josh was not with me and was told what happened when he came in. He was not happy and took the appropriate measures. While speaking to her he witnessed her smoking and throwing her cigarette on the ground. What about that! He was aggravated just as much as I was especially after seeing her doing that. Her explanation was that she threw it there in order to smoke it later. WHAT!!! I would argue that he was even more so after that. He has had enough of those who have hang-ups regarding RV'ers. Or more apt would be those who have issues with individuals living a lifestyle that is not CONSIDERED normal. She was not reprimanded. Her company has not responded to his call. But most of all, she believes that she can single out someone who in the end was doing nothing wrong. Pretty sure that she regretted choosing us. Maybe she thought that she could use her uniform and power (at least the power she thinks she has) and push others around.
The sun will rise and this experience has taught us
NEVER take kind individuals for granted.

What do you think about our experience? Should assumptions be made about those who reside in RV's? Should someone have spoken to us about staying overnight when it was 9:15 a.m. and the library did not close til 6:00 p.m.? Does someone have the right to question your care of your pet when you are holding it, it is friendly, and the vehicle is occupied and around 50 degrees outside? Should an employee (she is actually a contracted security person from security company) decide on their own with no precedent even approach someone without cause? There are so many questions I have!

I am sure that this will not be the last time that we experience something like this because of the lifestyle we live. However, we would not change it. We are a stronger family unit, have taken ownership of our children's education, and are exploring the worlds around us!  No a bad exchange....!

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