Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Wish For Both You and Me!

Hello Luvs,

You have probably noticed...I have not posted in a few days. Since we decided to boondock on National Park Land and other locations without wifi it made it impossible to get any out. I will probably notify you in the future if I am going to be offline. I am not one for planning well in advance (might be part of the reason I am often frazzled) I do not write posts ahead of time. Might start to store up some poems to come out on the days I am absent. I've noticed that clicks lessen when posts are not available, so I will try to avoid that. We'll see how things go.....I will let ya know what I decide.
Enjoy our rock hunt! Just is case it will not play...
simply click the link below.

One of my favorites! Myles noticed
this and remarked about it's beauty!
Rock Hunt Video-

Anyhow, hopefully your festivities went well and you feel rested and loved. For many this time of year is one big stressful occurrence that needs detangling like a ball of yarn afterward. If you know anything about yarn you know that rolling it back up into a tiny and tight circle takes patience and time. I suppose the stress of things is a large part of why I dislike this time of year. For so many reasons it has taken on a different and skewed meaning.
What a beautiful hourglass!

That brings me to the focus of the blog today. When New Year's rolls around many make promises that are often not met. They set unrealistic goals for themselves and find that around the two week mark they have failed. When I say failed it is not to say that it is from the perspective of others. It is more importantly how we see ourselves. So how do we set ourselves up to fail? I believe it is because change and growth should be something we try to accomplish in small steps and with every hour/minute/second we breathe. It is not something to spring onto ourselves late in the year. Why? Because if it was important we would ALREADY be focused on it.

This image has NO FILTER!

I often share that I believe that I am 'a student for life', and I strongly believe we all should be. Learning how to be more patient, caring, empathetic, giving, and respectful is how I try (exclamation on TRY!) live. Just typing it I feel that it might ring false. When I hear someone proclaim they are a specific type of person I sometimes feel as if they are trying to convince themselves versus actually believing they are what they say they are. In many ways I do say it (not exactly a mantra...but close to) because I am not there yet. I will always be trying and climbing to reach this goal in life. It is the example I want to set for my children. That is the best way I can serve and raise them.
With filter this root waxes

My wish for you is that you are able to achieve something you feel is really important to AND for you. A goal that fills your heart and puts a skip in your step. Something that shines out as genuine and true. Something simple and immediate and/or finds you forever reaching for it (with a smile as you do so). I wish this for both you and me. As I share this I am already working on it. When will you start? Or have you already started?

In death this  bush reminds me of
spiderwebs. A different perspective
brings it back to life.
Throughout the blog I have placed a few pictures from our New Year's trip to Death Valley along with a video of the treasures we discovered on our rock hunt. Decided to take about fifty or so pictures versus collecting them. That way they remain for the next child at heart to discover and experience.

This copper is wrapped in grey.
It was another one of my favorites.

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