Saturday, January 28, 2017

What This Mind Has On It Needs to be Shared....!

Hello Luvs,

Today is a special is the Hubster's birthday. We have some fun things planned and we've just started. I might post some snapshots of our adventure within the next couple of days. Remember, when you do not see a new post from me I am most likely boondocking without wifi. It is a perfect time to catch up on all my latest blogs. 
We took a roundabout way that led us
through this beautiful barren area.

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One of my favorites! All four of
my lovies!!!!!!

Now, even though today is a day that has started out with wonderful family memories I find myself wanting to share a rant. My heart and mind hurt thinking about how fast the new president is destroying not only our relationship with other countries, but dead set on destroying many...many lives in this country. The same person who promised to make America great again....yeah right!
Myles always finds a cool spot.

Josh just mentioned that an Academy Award nominated director will not be able to attend because of the new ban put in place yesterday regarding visitors traveling to this country. Anyone considering traveling here will only be given preference if they are Christian. WHAT! Christianity is not the only religion practiced throughout the globe. This puts a large amount of travelers at a disadvantage. It is scary how quickly he is establishing bias because of religion and nationality. As a wise person once said, "Race, sexuality, and religion are the easiest ways in which to separate who is considered superior from those deemed inferior." It has begun..... Now we are a one way road toward a REAL LIFE Hunger Games, V for Vendetta dictatorship, and 1984. The last of which has seen a huge surge in sales because of the similarity.
Lake view through rusted bracket.

The other thing that will have a direct affect on our family is the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. When it is repealed we will start to see it's affect. It is set to be a direct cause for around 20,000 deaths a year. For a party to be soooooo pro-life this is a direct contradiction. Taking away funding for planned parenthood removes money for birth control, prenatal vitamins, women's check ups, and pregnancy confirmations (which is what Josh and I used it for confirmation of my girl's soon to be existence), and many more NEEDED SERVICES). The one reason I believe they do it is to stop abortions even in cases of rape or health concerns for the mother. The fact that they help low income individuals is even more of a reason for them.
I have seen additional and even more painful symptoms of my health concerns and fear that when my true and accurate diagnosis comes around I will no longer have insurance. It is such a heartbreaking decision that will harm so many fellow human beings. After speaking with a friend a couple of days ago she shared that she will not be able to afford insurance. The A.C.A. is the only way someone who is an artist and not wealthy can afford to maintain preventative and regularly scheduled medical care. 
The water was brown, green, and blue.

From speaking to others I have found that it is not only the wealthy who say that this administrations actions will not affect them so they aren't worried. The mindset of many baby boomers is that as long as they are taken care of and live out their lives without the world crumbling around them they are ok. I am not saying that all baby boomers think this way, but I'm finding a large amount who do. The thing they're going to realize very soon is that the administrations actions are going to have quick affects and they are going to feel the pains DURING their lifetimes.
THIS way quite the view.

So what do we do? Josh and I as parents have made our decision and it is not going to be us sitting around waiting to see how it goes. It is not to stick around and continue to experience more and more open hatred toward our family unit because now racists have witnessed an openly racist, misogynistic, ego driven person elected (though many believe as I do that the electoral college no longer stands for democracy) to the highest office 'in the land'. If he can be that way and achieve that result than why can't they be the same dysfunctional way openly?
Another view of the lake while
heading back.

If I share everything that is on this troubled mind this might turn into a novel. Instead, I will leave you here and go back to the wonderful day we have planned. Throughout the blog are pictures taken during and after our glorious walk down to the lake with Goldie and Pippie. I hope that your weekend sees light and love. We ALL could use a lot of that today!

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These were two tired puppers!!!

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