Monday, January 16, 2017

Today's Message is a Goal For Some- Are YOU Included?

Hello Luvs,

I hope today finds you well. Thinking about what this holiday represents I thought I would try to express some of what I feel it is and whether or not many (including myself) felt that it has power.
A path of light with
darkness all around.

I am an optimist by nature. My positive outlook has helped me get through many tough spots throughout my life. Oftentimes it has exposed my naive side. Thinking that someone or something could not be as bad as others think. That a certain person would not stoop to actions that would be considered by most as reprehensible. Still, I am the same person who now sees that some of my naivety may have truly betrayed me.

Martin Luther King Jr. was not a perfect man. He had faults just like the rest of us. The thing that made him different and special was that even though he did he still saw the bigger picture. He continually made it a priority to show others that hatred and bigotry were not the answer. Non-violence was his way of proving that the Black Man/Woman/Child were not savages or heathens. That they (we) were and still are Human Beings. As Human Beings we long to be judged by our actions and not the color of our skin. When I say actions I mean our true actions and not those placed upon us as a given. The "You know how they are!" mentality.

Growing up I felt that there had been significant growth in that area. That yes, there were still racists and bigots, but that this country in the whole was not that way. With the experience we've had since the election results were set have shown that there are many who still have the mindset of those you see in stock photos smiling as someone's son hung from a branch, screamed at a child who was trying to enter a school to continue her or his education, or the men (both black and white) who had hot drinks spilled on them while they sat at a counter requesting service. There was so much more in these photos but I thought these would bring about images in your head faster.
On a small scale...the mountain whose
 location is brightened by others.

So, where is this country and where is it going. If the people who are spewing their hatred against liberals and African-Americans and/or trying to turn around progress that has been made get their way?

-A young couple (like Josh and I were) who cannot afford insurance will no longer have an option for confirming a pregnancy or the needed care to ensure a safe delivery.
-People who have paid into social security their whole lives (like me and many others) will not have it as an option in our older years.
-Schooling will be privatized with public school students being primed to be the lower class  population and subservient.
-A state will dictate to a woman who was raped whether or not she has to carry and keep her rapists child.
-Many will no longer have access to needed healthcare and die.
-State Parks and Conservation Areas will be mined or privatized to the point that they are no longer affordable.
-The lives of mostly men (but sometimes women) will be at the mercy of those who would shoot first and check for weapons later.
Do we leave a trail for our children to walk in light?

There are so many concerns that I now see as scary scenarios. I still believe that there are good people. Those who  REALLY TRULY subscribe to the same belief system as MLK Jr. The reason for such concern makes the heart pound because the voices calling for hatred and elitism to reign are becoming louder.

How will we answer their call? Will we become the Village of Humanity that pushes for equality and community? Two questions that I no longer have a clear answer to.

Til next time,



  1. Kat-I try so hard to stay positive but this current climate makes me fear for the future of this country. I hope that freedom, equality, liberty and justice will triumph in the end.

    1. Morning Kathleen,
      That is the exact reason for the blog. We have already experienced a shift in behavior toward us. The fact that someone can run a campaign that spit hatred that as blatant with no one doubting what his sentiment was says so much. Yes, Clinton received more votes, but if she won some states that another Democratic candidate would of our country would be very different now. The violence shown at rallies is unfortunately a small picture of what could happen. The crowd screaming at peaceful protesters brought about imaging of the Civil Rights Movement. Showing us that we have not come as far as many in their hearts hoped. Makes my heart hurt.
      Thank you for reading my posts and commenting. It means the world to me.