Sunday, January 29, 2017

Does Straightening My Hair Betray My Blackness?

Hello Luvs,

As I enjoy my burrito (con pastor- DELISH!) from our favorite Mexican place Taco Tijuana I once again came back to a thought that went through my hair earlier this morning. As I drove behind Eartha taking pictures of her touching the mountain landscape I started to twist my hair. I have been thinking about growing dreads again, and I wanted to see what state my roots (new growth/unstraightened hair) were in. It was twisting well but I still have a significant amount of hair that would be hanging in a strange way. In order to achieve the dreads I would like I would have to cut all my hair off. I am not opposed to doing so. I have done it many times in the past. This brought me back to my thought....
Sky-High...Oh My!

I had purchased a kit to straighten my hair last week and wanted to wait until we had a lot of water to work with (actually just a little more....getting good at this water conservation thing!) before doing so. During this time I've thought to myself whether or not I was not showing pride in my race by changing my hairs texture. The consensus regarding this is varied. Some who have taken on the struggle (or more correctly lived it their whole lives!) think and say that doing so makes someone not their authentic selves. Trying to set a good example for my children regarding confidence in who they are made this come to mind more so than anything.

The status of my hair was the subject of a blog last week. Read it? Just click the link below.

It has been several months since I REALLY took care of my hair so I find myself with a head of hair that is screaming at me and threatening to go on strike. Something had to be done this weekend. So....this is the conclusion I reached before addressing it....
Eartha headed toward the dump site....snowy mountains act as her back drop.

I have NEVER been ashamed of who I am, the color of my skin, the thickness of my hair, the fullness of my lips/hips, shape of my nose. or the extreme bend of my second toe. I have worn my hair natural and sky high, in bantu knots, long braids, twists, cornrolls, feathered (not successfully!), afro puffs, and mohawks. I have changed my hair as an example of my artistic expression. It has never worn me. I have cut it off, shaved my head, grown it out, then cut if all off again. I walk with pride and adoration for those who have come before, walk alongside, along with those who follow behind me. I curse it, love it, brush/comb it, process it, diy it, shave it...whatever feels good at the time.
Being myself allows me to
look ahead.

I will support another's idea for what it is...their idea and sometimes identity. I will not respond to them unless it's REALLY called for yet still try to see their side. My hang ups are not theirs and theirs are not mine. 

In the end, I am me....a mother, wife, educator, poet, musician, singer, writer, storyteller, human being, student for life, village dweller in THIS life. I exist to share my passions and good will with others. I aim to raise two well adjusted compassionate, passionate, giving, productive, loving people. Throughout the rest of my life I want to learn as much as this fluttering and busy brain can hold while smiling from the inside out. My hair DOES NOT dictate any of these actions or goals....will you let yours?

Took a few pictures to show you my finished hairdo....
Yep, shaved the sides again...
Til next time,


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