Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Brave Isn't Just a Word....It's a Lifestyle

Hello Luvs,

Who knew dumping and filling Eartha would bring us these views!
When greeting the day I had a few things cross this fluttery mind. Not only do we as individual thinkers come across those WHO WOULD NEVER do such a thing, embrace such a mindset, break away from what is considered to be normal 'in polite society', or be something that is not easily defied. While out with Jalen and Myles this was made even more clear. So, I thought I would try to put these feelings into a poem. You may relate to what I jot down or think that I 'as a DRAMA QUEEN' times is reaching for another thing to point out. But there is something that problem solvers believe and that is- You have to ADMIT that there is a problem in order to solve it.

Be Brave...

You might feel as if there's a light
And it shines only on you
When you speak your mind
You're told that your feelings
Don't hold true
New kicks...don't you love shoes
 in bright colors!?!?
The mind that sits just outside
Of the way they think it should be
When you close your eyes envisioning
The open sea
I hear more than you think
When you share with me
Belief that your dream
Not only has meaning
But is plain to see
I give you my hand
As a brace to steady your bend
Toward the less lean
A curled corner with busted seams
Be brave for each day is a new
Chance to be the one and true you
Give your mind a FOREVER chance 
To be the mind
That envisioned a dance
Of smooth turns
A twirl with a wiggle left and then right
The comfort you feel
Still remains through the night
A girl and her dog...!
Then greeted by day
With a new and exciting way 
To accomplish your goal
Of obstacles then success 
And a life that remains full

Til next time,


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