Saturday, January 7, 2017

All in a Day.....

Hello Luvs,

A View from the current boondock
My climber! Down to the
edge and in his element!
Today finds me attempting a poem about what I've observed while looking for some things we need. Good, bad, and strange can easily be adjectives to describe it. Hopefully what you read entertains and amuses you as much as these things amused me.

One Day at a Time....

Turn the corner
Where a belly is in full view
Hands below a blouse
YES couldn't HELP looking at you
Then here comes another
Being chastised by their Mother
"Don't tell me you did that again!"
She prayed for him with the loudest AMEN
When what did this man bring back
100 Proof liquor he found by the trash
Just a little something to take off the edge
Oh no....I thought I'd escaped
But instead found myself in someone's gaze
Turned...pretending I didn't see him while he eyed
My 6'3 husband accompanying me
A smirk quickly came to his face
That this marriage is of mixed race
Then I see the woman he's with
Appeared to be his 'side chick'
I smiled because I knew
That his impression of me was his mirror view
Point me toward the margarita please
With Grand Marnier in a ready to drink mix
My view is awaiting me....
My guitar, pizza, and....yes, family
It's all in a day it seems
When we are trying to live our dream
Of exploring the world one day at a time
Memories that will remain through the passage of time
                                                                                ~Kat L. Wilson-
More pictures coming on Monday's
blog....come back and see me!

The beauty of nature! 

Found in a trash bin by another customer
....ya can't make these things up!
Til next time,


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