Friday, December 16, 2016

Why is this happening, and why am I so troubled?

Hello Luvs,

A few things have struck me as disappointing and worrisome this week. I'm sure (especially if you read my blogs on the regular) that you know how much this past election cycle has troubled me. It has affected my optimistic nature, because I have now realized that looking toward the rosy image of things has been misguided. I know that there are good souls that flutter around in this world. I've met them from time and time, though sometimes I feel as if they are as rare as unicorns. The part that really concerns me is that more and more I am running into those who wish me ill will, openly express disdain for me on their faces, and are hateful when it comes to my family unit.

I am not diluted when it comes to being underestimated. I often hear others (with surprise in their voice) realize that I might know a thing or two about this world of ours. Being a person who has found no other way to survive than being myself. Often times it's cost me in my musical career and ended more than a few of my friendships.
Unfortunately Dorothy....the other side of the rainbow houses
darkness, tragedy, and tribulations....however, we might still catch
sight of those bluebirds.

So, why am I sharing these concerns yet again? Well, in the past week I have been openly profiled and had someone (through their actions) show that they saw nothing but a person who would steal from them. Little do they know that I am unabashedly honest and trustworthy...down to the penny, found item, or lost child. With the past election those who felt disdain for people of color now openly express themselves without fear of consequence. It can now be expressed in school, at work, and with people they run across in the neighborhood market. This week I was also pulled over (though I was not given a ticket because he saw on my face that I realized what I was doing too late) and fear made my heartbeat quicken. The policeman (as he was running my plates) was joined by another officer and they had a long conversation while continuously looking at me. With everything that has been going on I was truly scared. He came back, gave me a warning, and told me what he realized. I was grateful for not receiving a ticket, but even more to learn that he was a kind and understanding public worker. Did I receive this pass because I am a woman (other women of my race have been singled out), or because of the way I look? Or was it because I owned up to it and apologized? In the end is it most likely because NOT ALL policemen are bad ones and take their cues from superior officers? I would lean toward the latter....or at least my trusting heart wants to.

Why is this happening, and why am I so troubled? Well, the Black/African-American males in my life have told me over and over again that racism has never died down. That their daily existence is shaded by those who cross the road when they see them coming, clutch their purse when they enter an elevator, and passed over them for a job and/or promotion. This has been their reality for their entire lives, but now it happens to be more out in the open. 

The blatantly anti-women, racist, climate change denier, and war monger who will destroy what has been accomplished in the last eight years (if not what Roosevelt put in place)......let alone my whole working life. Healthcare, Social Security, Privatization of Public Schools, and any other public service are the targets. The people who voted for this man will see very soon just how wrong their decision was. He lied, worked them into a frenzy, and hyped up just how much he was going to do. Remember...this is a man who thinks that there should be no minimum wage. The current minimum wage is not a living wage as it is. The government is not supposed to be FOR PROFIT but an institution for all. This country will resemble 'The Hunger Games' more than a protector of it's citizens. The separation of classes will undoubtedly spread even more. These things chill and frighten about you? Do you think that these actions will not affect you and you will just ride it out? Will those closest to you be affected by these decisions? How about your children, will they feel the brunt of the blow given by the people who care more about profit then whether or not future generations will have breathable air? There are so many negative consequences that WILL arise from these decisions.

I have changed my opinion of the U.S. The country that touted the American Dream to all who would listen. The potential is here to be your very best. If you work hard and put in a good days work you be able to buy a house and send your children to college. That by being a good person you 'would be judged by the content of your character and not the color of your skin' MLK Jr. voiced so eloquently in his speech. The haves will distance themselves from the have nots and those who happen to be a different hue.

Troubling in every sense of the word.....!

Til next time,



  1. It seems as though this nation has taken s huge step backwards and it pains me to hear your story.

    1. I think that right now my heart is longing to strengthen anyone that might be negatively affected by his administration...not just my kids (who definitely will). Hoping that sharing what I go through reminds others that they are not alone. With everything both Josh and I will do whatever necessary to protect and encourage our children. All while doing our best to make this world a better any small way we can.
      As always...thank you for your support and are a gem of the rarest kind!