Thursday, December 1, 2016

Where to next?

Hello Luvs,
On our way to Palm Springs
we loved this site because of what
they represented

This week has been a bit of a yo-yo in regard to our next step. It is important that we really consider our options. 
Below are what we look for when deciding on a place (not necessarily in order of importance):
When we reached our Airbnb in
Coachella we were pleasantly surprised.

-cost of living
-rv friendly (somewhere that allows for black water dumping and water refills is essential...a few places do not have that.
-wi-fi capability (wi-fi booster needs to be purchased before departing.
In San Luis Obispo the closer we got to
our RV the more beautiful the sky was!

*Any other digital nomads reading this..I would love some suggestions of possible places!
Grover Beach was a quick
and magical stop on our
way to see Eartha.

We are getting a tow dolly added to Eartha tomorrow which will allow us to tow the Prius. When we had the oil changed recently the mileage showed us driving about 1,000 miles a week. No, that is not a typo. The Prius is working like a champ but needed a few things to get it ready. Because it is paid off and has great mileage it makes for wonderful day trips.
Zion National Park is AMAZING!

It will be nice to actually ride in the rv with the rest of the family. You probably noticed that my last singalong had me in the Prius. If you haven't read the blog for a while make sure to subscribe/follow so you don't miss any of our adventures. was Joshua Tree....

Tomorrow I will offer up a rating for our current RV Park. We have not had one bit of wifi (though we paid for it). At previous places some of our devices would work sporadically, however this one? NOT AT ALL! I am going to speak with the office about a discount on our week long stay. If you EVER have a problem at a Park you should always see what they can do. Driving away feeling as if you were ripped off is never a good feeling. I'll let ya know how it goes.
The Windmill Library in Las Vegas is
one of our favorites.

Throughout the blog are some of my favorite pictures from our recent travels. I hope they bring a smile yo your face and ignite your fire for adventure!
Just driving down the streets....
the landscape can pull you in.
Who isn't blown away by the beauty
of Lake Tahoe?!?!

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Til next time,

Lake Mead was where we were staying when we adopted Pippie.
Even though the Lake has lowered in level (140 ft.) it was still
awe inspiring.

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