Friday, December 9, 2016

When Deciding on Flooring in Your RV....

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Well past the midweek mark and looking forward to tomorrow. Josh and I think that we've decided which direction we would like to go for flooring in Eartha. Because it was a process that took a couple of weeks to decide I thought I would share with you our process. Maybe it will help you in your search, or you can pass this blog along to someone who is trying to make a similar decision.
This section was not as bad as
the others.

I know...I have not given the tour of Eartha. The plan was to do it last week. Ya know with me I can change direction with the drop of a hat. Josh and I together make up a couple who are always open to new ideas/things. Because of this the process took much longer. Eartha came to us with a greenish-yellow shag carpet. There have been peeks of it in some of my recent pictures. The carpet is/was the original one installed. If you think about it you realize that it was coming up on 40 years old. You can only imagine what has been spilled, soiled, and brought in on the shoes of her previous owners! What made us decide that is was time was when I had to store away some items in the right side bench. Because of it's location my face was very close to the rug. I'll be straight with was FUNKY....and I am not talking about the good kind that makes you want to dance or high five. Once I smelled that Josh knew that it was time for it to go.
I know...EEWWW!

So while Jalen, Myles, and I went into the library for school and device time he pulled up most of it. He didn't tell me that he was...just simply sent a picture of the floor with part of it raised. I included a picture so you have any idea of just how gross it was. EEK!

After large section was
Now was when we had to decide what type of flooring we wanted. The RV has a wooden sub-floor with no padding. It's in pretty good shape. Can't tell by the first pictures because the granules of a mysterious substance still remained. Josh had swept also, so I could really see what we were working with when we returned. Carpet can be nice and comfy for the toes. However, because Pippie occasionally has accidents getting more carpeting (especially of the shag variety) did not sound appealing to me. To be sure of what we wanted we went to a flooring place and decided that wood laminate would be the way to go....especially in regard to clean-up.

The flooring store we visited was Carpets & More. Joseph Z. helped us and he was awesome. He was being trained by a rep for a company that sold wood laminate. As we spoke to her it became pretty obvious that she was steering us away from her product. It would not offer enough give in an RV. It would also have to be glued down which could be a problem if a slat needs replacement. She mentioned carpet to us. Josh was willing to entertain it, and I stood there listening (you could say that I was being a bit stubborn!). It was going to be a tough sale for me considering the fact that I do most of the clean-up. I don't do all of it....but most of the time. As we looked over what they had (from the least expensive to the most expensive) we once again came back to wood. The lighter in weight it is the better. We need to make sure that we keep the weight of Eartha down.
Almost prepped and ready....

It was clear that the salesman was listening when we were explaining what we were looking for. We went to ask him a question, and he steered us toward flooring that was not only waterproof but that did not need any material laid under it, and one we could possibly do ourselves. That meant something that locked in place. Because it would need to be cut in some places we were looking for them to install. To see what we are working with and give us an estimate he asked for us to take some pictures that he would pass on to the installation person.

We took his card after finding one in the store that we liked. This is where we once again changed our minds. We were going back and forth about doing it ourselves and whether or not we should still look at the options at both Lowes and Home Depot. We decided on the latter and went to look this morning. Josh mentioned some flooring we saw at a store that we both liked. It was ever so slightly bouncy and has some give. He reminded me of it, so we went to Lowes to try to find it. Just as we were about to decide on a laminate we both took one more look. Josh called me over because he found the flooring that was in the store that we liked. Lowes actually sells it on rolls in the carpet section. It has texture, seems to be a great color choice, and much less expensive than the ones we saw an the flooring store. 
Goldie doesn't mind too much.

What's next? Well, the gentleman that helped us at Lowes said that he placed a craigslist ad for his (he had carpet placed in his RV) and had him lay his. He said that he actually included the padding for no extra charge. Before we left he showed us the glue we needed to place under the flooring. He recommended one that comes up easy if and/or when you would like to replace the flooring in the future. The other types harden so when you try to pull the flooring up some of the flooring wil actually remain along with the glue.
The glue we will most likely use..

I will try to take pictures of the floor right before, during, and after the new flooring (YAY!) is in. Beyond excited for this next step which will allow as the ability to avoid splinters and have something that is good for standing because of it's give.

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P.S. We changed our minds AGAIN.....surprised? We are going to really clean the sub-floor which is wood and has a nice grain. Next we'll cover it with some type of sealant for spills. How did we get there? Well, we had a spill this morning and the wood was wet. It looked pretty cool, so we thought we would try it. Now....since we haven't done it yet I might be adding to the blog again. Hopefully one of the flooring people can come out to the rv and check it out...steering us toward following the correct process. If we decide that more padding is needed we can either add rugs in spots or go back to the vinyl/laminate route. WHEW! What craziness have we gotten ourselves into!?!?


  1. Great idea! I bet it will look beautiful. We pulled up all the carpets in our house and painted the concrete. Cheaper, easier and beautiful!

    1. OooooHHH! We did that to our home in New Mexico. I really adore stained concrete floors. Would love to see a picture sometime. Floor is finished and the blog coming later has pictures. As always, I appreciate you!