Thursday, December 29, 2016

What I Stock Our RV With BEFORE Traveling!

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A while back I did a post that mentioned the items I usually buy/bring to equip Eartha before we hit the road. Since I have now had the experience of rural (versus urban) boondocking a couple of times this list has been fine tuned. Stocking her with these items ensure that our systems stay healthy AND happy along with an actual enjoyment of the items eaten and used. I thought I'd share these just in case you've felt unprepared or simply did not bring enough. I am going to break down the use of the items whether it is for cleansing, eating, or RV maintenance.
We were about halfway through our
fruit at this time.

3- 1 gallon bottles of water

It probably goes without saying that bringing water is essential. But, this water is not just for drinking. I use it for making our coffee (5 cup maker) and morning espressos (filled enough to process two double espressos (about 7-8 ounces). It is used to make tea later in the day for the kiddos, and oatmeal for breakfast. We also use it to brush our teeth and wash our faces along with filling the dog bowls. Since our water tank is not large this lowers our water usage more than you'd think.

Several Packs of water based wipes

These have been a true life saver for mainly Jalen and me. They are used for cleansing (my make-up comes off with ease on the days that I wear it!) our faces and private parts on days when we really need to preserve our water. This is usually on the third or fourth day of dry camping. They are also great when I use any hair product. An extra benefit to these is the fact that they do not dry my hands out. YAY!

Baking Soda

I even add walnuts to my
homemade hummus.
I use two heaping tablespoons in the bathroom sink with water that has been slightly warmed. I DO NOT heat the water to hot because it ends up making me add water from the tank to balance it. I found that out the hard way. Doing that...for me...defeats the purpose. Checking it when it starts to barely steam is the best measure for me. I then (without need for soap) use a water soaked washcloth to cleanse myself from head to toe. It works really well at making you feel as if you've actually taken a shower. The person who recommended doing this said that her skin felt soft afterward. I have found it to be around the middle. I do have to lotion...though not as much as if I used Dove.

Battery Packs

If you work remotely (like both Josh and I) having enough juice is essential. Make sure to pre-charge anything you are bringing along and use them wisely. For our phones we have battery packs provided by Google. However, may cell companies sell them for their cell phones. Pick one up, charge them along with your phone, and don't forget to make sure that you have an extra wire. If there is more than one person using them you will be grateful you did.

Paper plates, bowls, utensils(?), and cups (paper or plastic)

This really helps with making your water last as long as possible. I placed a question mark by the utensils because I really prefer regular ones. If weather permits, you can burn all of the paper products in the fire. DO NOT burn the items that are plastic. We wouldn't want any toxic fumes to surround you and add to the planets atmosphere....though I'm sure that you already knew that!
When you are prepared...all that is left to do is enjoy the ride!

Paper towels

We use pick a size. When needed these can be used to clean up a mess. I usually combine them with a white/apple cider vinegar and water mix (in a spray bottle).

Blankets (to layer)

I cannot stress enough the need to bring blankets to layer. At night...especially around this time of year it can get chilly. With various blankets you can add one to the interior of your sleeping bag, on top of your sleeping bag, or layered over you in your bed. It is easier to take off a layer then be missing one that is needed. We roll and/or fold them during the day and place them under the couch and/or on the bed which is used as a kind of daybed. This can actually be said about clothing, hats, and accessories! Make sure that you are prepared for the elements!

This meal is prepared ONLY when
plugged in! Too many dishes and
water needed for clean-up.

I know that everyone has their own taste, but I have found that these items really help as a constant for our systems. Traveling can take a toll on all of us with (out fail). However, if I have these items we have found that our bodies really appreciate them.

Oatmeal- I bring at least two small containers of it or one large. I refill the jar on the counter as needed. Each of us likes to put different things in it like frozen blueberries, fresh blueberries, bananas, walnuts, dried cranberries, milk, batter, trail mix, etc. As you can see...the possibilities are endless!

Shredded wheat- Just like oatmeal this cereal provides much needed fiber. We usually add fresh fruit to it. I might add walnuts and dried cranberries because I am currently ADDICTED to them!

Trail Mix- Easy to make your own with dried fruit, nuts, and grain. This is something the kids grab to eat on their own.

Granola Bars- Either as a snack or breakfast....there is no clean-up needed for these.

Saving money while boondocking
also allows for yummy meals out-
like Rudy's BBQ!
Fresh fruit- We take bananas, oranges, apples, mango, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries...sure you get the picture. These are used to get our daily amount of fruit, various oxides, and stomach calmers, along with some fiber. Eaten alone or placed in a smoothie they never go to waste. I might throw in some spinach and/or lettuce in mine.

Canned sparking water- I am sure that some might disagree with this, but these have been a soda replacement for both Josh and me. We do buy soda occasionally, and the kids usually split a can. Throughout the day they quench our thirst. Being various fruit flavors (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit,along with others) with only two-three ingredients is amazing. An RV fridge usually has smaller shelving and the cans fit perfectly.

The items above are my go to items for traveling in Eartha. It took some to get it right. I'm sure I will learn even more as times passes. When I do, I will share them here with you. Make sure you follow the blog and on one of the social sites to the right so you don't miss a thing!

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