Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Two People We've Met While RV'ing in Nevada and Arizona

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I thought today's blog would address the types of people we've met thus far. For sure there have been some people who were not friendly and that looked at us as if we just ducked out of a police line up. That is going to happen even more as people around this country figure out just where they stand in regard to new policies and an out in the open attack on what this country was supposed to stand for. The more I learn the more confused and angered I am at the 'if you don't like it' bigots. When others stepped foot on this land there were already indigenous people here. Whether it is the border that was part of Mexico but taken over as the property of a country that held a bigger stick, the native people considered to be heathens and barbaric, or those who were forcefully brought over against their well...these people often read what they want into just whose country this is.

TO DIE FOR sunrise on our second day!

So, recently I wrote about folks who looked at me with hatred in their eyes. Today I wanted to share a couple of stories about the RV'ers who have brightened our days and spoke with an open heart. There are two that come to mind right away....

Josh and I ventured to Rudy's on
our shopping trip...sandwich with
moist brisket and sliced turkey
The first person is Gail. She is from the Northern part of the U.S. (Washington State) and was at our Lake Mead stop. She is a petite little thing with bright red hair. After being diagnosed with cancer her son bought her a smaller place to live in that was much easier to maintain. When we met her he had purchased her a small RV (talk about an awesome son....she did a good job) that is one of the cutest I/we have encountered. She introduced herself to Josh when he arrived and was sweet to Goldie. We had animated conversations about politics, the state of the planet, and what is happening in our schools. Being a former professor and now yoga instructor she was full of energy and life. Even though she looked a bit frail to me she still had a dynamo's spirit. Meeting someone so brilliant, kind, and feisty is ALWAYS a pleasure.

One of the lovelies I will be
selling on ebay or mercari.
Have interest? Reach out!
The second person's name is Kay. The kids and I just me her at our Salome (36 minutes from Quartzite, AZ) stop. She is another mature woman who has the same color of firey red hair as Gail. She popped into the pool area around the time we were finishing up. She was curious about what our journey was/is and how the kids like it. During our conversation we talked about weather, her son (who is a costume designer....making just above $7.00 while working at Disneyland) and his struggles. She shared how someone in her son's department had over TWO DECADES with Disneyland and only makes around $14.00 per hour. I won't even get started on just how much a place like that paying their employees that amount SHOULD BE ASHAMED of themselves. Just to get in, many groups pay well over $300. Many times it is even more than that. She is a kind and thoughtful soul that placed a friendly cap to the end of the day.
My take on shrimp linguini.
Went over well I think!

I know that many of my blogs lean toward the negative feelings I hold about what is happening both racially and politically in this country. The hatred that I know is harbored toward my family. Then the bigotry that has been spewed, swallowed, and modeled for future generations. There will be more I am sure, but until then....sharing a bit about these two amazing women reminds me of those who do not follow along that same bright red line. Unfortunately, right now we have met them few and far between.

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