Friday, December 23, 2016

The Beauty of Bureau of Land Management Land for Boondocking...

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Not much time to get this to you (library closes in about 30 minutes), but I am going to try to share just how wonderful it is to boondock on BLM land (which happens to be federally protected!). The past few days have found Josh sleeping the best he has since buying Eartha. That in itself makes it an easy choice. However, I am going to try to lay out all of it's benefits so you know whether or not it might be a good fit for you. With the incoming administration stating already that during the first hundred days he would like to begin exploring National Parks as potential mining spots. I have trouble even typing his name, thus giving him the publicity that he lives for. If you are as worried as I am you will take advantage while you can. Just sayin'
Our first night...

Josh heard about Quartzite from a gentleman he watches on youtube quite a bit. Bob Wells has been RVing for some time and his advice has been spot on for us. When mentioning Quartzite he explains how it's really geared toward rvers. There are lots of laundromats, RV repair spots, and really great places to eat where you won't kill your budget. In the winter the population can find itself growing from 6,000 to 60,000. Many folks called 'snowbirds' flock here as a reprieve from the cold.
and in the morning!

The other thing he mentions is that RV'ers can boondock (not urban boondocking in a parking lot that allows for a wifi signal) at multiple spots. This is a find a spot and park kind of deal. There are hosts that you check in with and give them your car/RV plate number(s), the amount of people in your party, and how long you will be staying. That's it! Did I mention that it is free? There are some locations where you pay a small fee that gives you use to a bathroom and some other things. Most of these are located on the west coast of the U.S. You can stay for up to 14 days. For us...a few days works then we go and plug in so we can restock and clean the RV. If our water tank was bigger we would definitely stay for longer. Because we have solar panels we can last for that long with no problem. So if you are either a citizen or a visitor to the States this is a place to commune with your surroundings, meet other RV'ers, and/or have your RV worked on. 
Up close they were still beautiful!

We came across cacti in
various states of decompositon.

When we pulled into our area (named Road Runner) we instantly felt at ease. We were surrounded by saguaro cacti and mountains at almost 360 degrees. The road is not too far from us, but you can't see it very well. Instead you see the low laying clouds and various shades of green. We have trekked around a few times and on each occasion we find ourselves with a sense of awe. It really is a beautiful place.

But what about the people? Well there are all types. There are families, retired couples, couples who live on the road, hippies, hunters, and of course locals. We've found most to be very friendly and welcoming with a few that are very cool characters. There was no....oooo stranger! stares which I for one appreciate.
These little bushes were
all around.

We popped into a bookstore (Reader's Oasis Books) where the owner in the summer months wears nothing but a patch over his unmentionables. He is a musician who plaYs boogie-woogie music and has been doing so for decades. There is so much to take in while visiting. I suggest you allow for at least an hour. There is music for sale along with toys, pop-up boxes, and so much more. We did meet an author who has found some success doing an arthur signing. He started writing late in life and once he started he fell in love with it and hasn't stopped since. I will do a separate blog about him after we've read his book that we bought.
The kids were amazed at how
big they were.

Now we decide where we will flutter to next. I will of course share our continued adventure. Until then, try and catch up on all the latest blogs.
So was I....!

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