Sunday, December 11, 2016

Take a Peek at Eartha's New Floor! I Think We Did Her Justice....!

Hello Luvs,

The last blog spoke about us trying to finally decide what type of floor that we wanted to do after removing Eartha's carpet. After many changes in type we finally (yes....even since the last blog!) made a decision. A friend of mine mentioned that I changed my mind only response was YES....I am me for goodness sake! We bought a tile ($.88) of the new one we liked from Lowe's and laid that on the floor next to the previous tile we purchased. There was no decision to make after that. The new one tied everything together! 
Spent A LOT of time in this here lot!

So, I started on cleaning the sub-floor with a mild soap and water. You can see in one of the pictures just how dirty the floor was by what was in the bucket. Of course before I did the primer (recommended for better adhesion by the gentleman at Lowes). I swept her once again.

During the time that it took to make the decision and the time to start laying down tile (50.00 for 60 sq. ft.) Josh and I decided that I would do the project while he occupied the kids. Josh is a perfectionist and I am a jump in feet first type of person. We are different in that way and it works for us. I THOUGHT I was up to it. He was going to remove the carpet from the front, but as always we were delayed.
Sub-floor nice and clean!

While he ran some errands and took Jalen and Myles to the library I rolled on the primer ($11.00 at Lowes+short nape roller w/pan $6). It took about an hour to dry. The instructions said that the tile should not be cold during installation, so we bought it after we warmed Eartha. After that I was ready to get started. Before adhering the first tile I placed them around the floor so I could see where they lined up and where there would need to be some cutting. I won't lie to you...some places were a challenge. If I found myself becoming frustrated I would start on another area. Josh was right in his concerns, because a few spots he worried about did end up being a problem. For instance, the rounded corners of the booths were hard. I did one and it DID NOT look good. I know my strengths and cutting corners with a certain type of tool is not. By the time Josh came back with the kids I was about three quarters done.
Third tile ready to be fitted...
I will spare you a pic of my disaster!

When the kids walked in they were not only surprised but loved it. Josh said that he knew I would do a good job and that he was pleasantly surprised. Of course I showed him the corner I tried to do. We both chuckled then he went about trying to remove it. Because I had the primer below it the tile did not want to come up. He went into Lowes and bought a putty (?) knife and scraped off the remaining pieces. He did the corners along with a couple of areas that were trouble for me. In the end we love our new flooring!

Unfortunately a few spots that have started to lift so we went in and bought a tube of adhesive ($5 at Lowes) and I worked on getting them to adhere better. We believe that for a bit we will have to touch up a few spots. It was my first (our first) time laying tile...and we have to remind ourselves of that. The one thing about RVs is that you have to use a material that gives. The tiles (1 ft squared) seemed to be ever so slightly off. I am sure that I am not the first to run into a few that were not perfect. Anyway...we still dig it. I have a few pictures of the finished floor. I would love to hear what you think about our choice!
Is that corner beautiful or what?!?!

In regard to budget...we were at about $500-1000 a few days ago. By doing it ourselves (if I can do...ANYONE can!) we saved significantly. That is such a great thing to know. 

Thinking about doing something to your home or RV? I say...go for it! Let's show just how open to learning new things we are and our souls will fly!

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Til next time,


Finished floor....YAY!


  1. I have to admit Kat, that I have been too busy with holiday sales to visit your blog lately. But I do love to see your FB and IG posts. I love what you have done with Eartha. If you are ever in the Cleveland Area. Please look me up. My drive stinks so Winter/snow is BAD.


    1. Thanks Luv,
      I appreciate you reaching out and leaving a comment. Pretty exciting that you are so busy...! I am beyond happy for you. Make sure that you stay safe in bad weather. I worry when I see a picture of one of your mishaps. Will definitely let you know when I am coming your way. Have a wonderful holiday! Besos!