Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Review of the Circus Circus RV Park

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Today's blog is all about our stay at the RV park housed at Circus Circus. It is located at the part of the strip that many might consider the more industrial location (which they say is starting to be a destination). Because of all the construction going on right now I tend to think that something is happening. It is not only buildings being erected but the road maintenance. Many areas start to get some work when more traffic is expected.
A new library we checked out in
Las Vegas. LUVED the stained glass!

The reason we chose to stay there was because the kiddos wanted to see some more of the strip. Typically we stay on the outskirts and venture in by simply driving it. This time we walked from the rv park and hit a few of the places they wanted to see. It is not really our scene (smell, strip club card strewn eveywhere, and obscene drawings added to advertisements) which is why we do not tackle the walk very often. When thinking about Las Vegas people tend to think that it is all about the strip, drinking, bachelor parties, strippers, etc. We know that these things in addition to many others make Las Vegas what it is, but there is so much more to it. There have several libraries which ALL house art show installations. Most are well maintained and for us (homeschooling) having a source of wifi is necessary. There are cactus gardens, graffiti, and so many types of food available. Not forgetting that Red Rock is a short drive away. We actually found our new favorite Mexican restaurant named Taco Tijuana. They have two locations in Vegas. One is on Las Vegas Blvd, and the other is on Tropicana. Not only are their items delicious, but AUTHENTIC with the entire staff knowing what they are doing. Practice your Spanish when you visit! They will appreciate the effort. Below is there Facebook page if you would like to know more.
Guns ae not my thing....but Myles
had a blast.

Taco Tijuana- would I rate the Circus Circus RV Park:

It's getting colder!!!!

Rated 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest)

Convenience- 3.5 The location was ideal for seeing the strip and traveling around town. The 215 fwy is within a three minute drive. However, there was so much construction that it took three times as long to drive through during certain times of the day. Our first priority was finding a shortcut (which we did not find til the fourth day there).

Cost- 2 If the wifi worked at all the rating would go up. We feel as if they should just say that they do not have it. That way you do not spend 30-40 minutes trying to log on before giving up. We know that RV park wi-fi is known to be terrible, but this one was non existent (not even on a sporadic basis which others have been). Then you add the fact that 3 out of 8 washers did not work along with 6 out of 12 dryers. Also were told that our arrival time was contingent on them cleaning the spot. Throughout our stay none of the park was maintained with trash (we picked up plenty) everywhere. They cleaned the common area slightly, but only once in the week we were there.  
Libraries are our friends....!
Staff- 3 The office people were courteous, but there was a big language barrier with the woman working the front desk. Josh had already checked in, and she kept looking for our name and not finding it (even though I spelled it for her). She was about to accept money from me until I got a text from Josh telling me where he was hooking up. The gentleman (who I believe is the supervisor was listening but it never clicked (no other Wilsons were there...) until I was excusing myself and going to look for Josh. 

Accessibility- 4 (handicapped and little ones)-  The Park has sidewalk slants for access. The park is pretty flat so both children and those in wheelchairs will be able to navigate with no problem. The only place I can think of is the laundry room. A gentleman in a motorized chair had a bit of an issue (which a gentleman who was there helped him with). 
I' da dee-da da da-da da dee-da da da!

With the issues we had I reached out to see if anything can be done for us because of the multiple inconveniences (including the lack of wifi). I have spoken to five different people in the course of two days with no success including no return call from the supervisor. Sometimes there is success while other times you just have to try your best and not give them business in the future....including sharing our story with others so they will not make the same mistake and stay there. Ultimately, they will do the right thing if you make enough noise. In this instance we are chosing not to.

Something was wrong...
I can tell you that when I spoke to an employee at the park this morning she said she called the people who do the maintenance and had them clean it up right after I spoke with her yesterday. Because of the language barrier I am not sure if that meant just our space or the entire park. Ultimately, it took me making several calls and two hours of my time for them to do what they should have been doing already.

We are currently boondocking. I will share more of what we have learned in regard to comfort in one of my upcoming blogs. Until then, please take a gander at the pictures throughout the blog. Myles did paintball for the first time. A couple of days later Jalen and I went to a Blue Man Group show. Those ponchos DID NOT save my boots from what squirted from their chests! AWESOME show as always, and Jalen was given one of the art pieces they created during the show! Might have had to do with being front row center....thanks to a locals discount (half off!) and Josh picking the seats.

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